Chapter Thirty-three

Ariel's hands were shaking as she carefully poured the correct amout of pure light into the crucible full of melted gold.  Upon contact, the pure light changed the gold's color to black.

"Is it supposed to turn black?" she asked as she handed the pure light to Hardwin.

"Yes, for now, it will change colors throughout the process," said Hardwin.  "Next we need to bring the mixture up to six-hundred degrees Fahrenheit."

"For how long?" asked Ariel.

"Exactly three minutes."  

Watching the special thermometer that was in the mixture, Ariel started a timer for three minutes when the temperature got to 600 degrees.  After what seemed to be forever, the alarm went off. 

"Now add the sun powder." Hardwin told her handing her another vial filled with something that looked like pollen.

"What is it?" Ariel asked him.

"Its powder made from sunlight, much different that the pure light, light can come from many sources, the moon for example, or other stars," Hardwin explained.

"Very well, how much do I add?"

"Um," said Hardwin flipping through the aincent looking book he was holding.  "As much as the sword maker seems fit.  Thats what the book says.  Just add as much as you think it needs, you know what kind of sword you should wield."  

"When will I know?" asked Ariel.

"You will know, this is the step that makes all Light Swords unique to the owner."  Hardwin continued to look through the book.  "Sorry, I haven't made a Light Sword in quite some time I've forgotten some of the process."

"Its okay," said Ariel.  "I don't mind at all."  Hesitantly, she began to pour in the sun powder.  The mixture began to change color.  It turned red, and she continued to pour waiting for a color she likes.  Lavender, She thought as she kept adding little bits of the powder until it turned a light shade of purple.  "Okay, now what?"

"Now we add the platinum!" said Hardwin with a little smile.  "This is my favorite part!  When we add it, be sure to watch the fumes.  They tell what the swords name will be."

"That sounds interesting," Ariel said as she took the hunk of platinum and put it in its own crucible for it to melt.  When it was melted, she carefully used the prongs to pour it into the lavender gold mixture.  

When the first drop of platinum hit the surface of the mixture, the mixture turned a light gold color and a column of smoke erupted from the pot.  It formed into an eagle, which flapped upwards and disappeared, along with the rest of the smoke.

"Aquila," said Hardwin.  "The latin word for Eagle, that is your sword's name."

"Why the Latin word?  Isn't that Ancient Rome's language?" Ariel asked.

"Well who do you think they stole it from?  Its the official language of Foltor, but its rarely spoken anymore."

"Whats next?" asked Ariel.

"We pour it into the sword mold."

They brought the mixture to the mold that was in the center of the weapon smith area of the Army Center.  Pouring it in, they let it cool down a bit before Hardwin had Ariel pound the edges to form a double sided blade and a sharp tip.  

When that was done, Hardwin had Ariel design the hilt.  She could choose from so many different decorations, and she eventually came up with a lavender colored hilt, her favorite color, with a ruby on the end, and more encrusted along the top near the blade.  

"Lets go try it out!" said Ariel, admiring her new sword.  

"Very well, but be careful, Light Swords are more deadly than any other weapon in the training area, unless those are made into their light form.  That reminds me," said Hardwin, "I'll need to have the other Protectors make their own weapons as soon as possible, in case a battle erupts."

That second a Those of Light came running into the weapon smith area.

"Sir, an army has advanced on the city of Arbanetum in north Foltor," the Those of Light said.  "The High Council requests you to see them."

"Very well," said Hardwin.  "Thank you Samplo."  Samplo hurried off.

"Theres more than one city?" asked Ariel.

"Oh yes, we are in Civaleux, the capitol of Foltor.  Arbanetum lies to the north."

"But all the Protectors are not here yet!" said Ariel.

"It does not matter, we must get to Arbanetum and find out the current situation."


The End

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