Chapter Thirty-one

Ariel drew her sword.  "Very well Hardwin, I've gotten much better, and you should know!  You're the one whose been training me!"

"Yes, I am aware!  But its time to see how you do against a real opponent who's fighting back!" Hardwin told her as he drew his sword and swung as Ariel.

She blocked his strike and returned with her own.  Her graceful arcing movements and motions were a big contrast to Hardwin's strong deliberate strokes.  As they fought, Alex, Steven, and Korbin, and their trainers watched in awe.  Pan was sill reading in the corner.  

"Get back to training!" Hardwin shouted to the onlookers, "You can't waste your time watching other people display their skills when you are supposed to be just as strong in your own skill!" The swords clashed with a resounding clang that made Pan look up from his books.  Ariel did a sort of twisting movement with her blade, causing Hardwin to drop his sword.

"Where'd you learn that from?" he asked, "I never taught you that!"

"It just came to me!" she said with a little glance at Alex, who was still watching.  He smiled.

"Well, it was very good.  Alex! Why are you still watching, Nikanor shall be here soon to train you, but get practicing so you're as good as possible by the time he gets here!" Hardwin scolded as Alex walked off to the archery station.  "Ariel, I thinks its time for you to craft your own sword, one made of light."

"Well whats this sword made of?" she asked.

"Steel, as is mine.  Light Swords are reserved for master swordsmen, and women," he added.  

"Aren't you a master?" she asked him with a obviously confused expression.

"Well yes, but I only use Light Swords in combat.  If I fought you with one of those, that sword would have shattered upon contact."

"Well that would give me an advantage if everyone i fought's sword's broke."

"Their armies wouldn't use steel, they'd use at the minimum a sword made of platinum, that's impervious to Light Swords.  They may even use a Dark Sword, or a Light Sword if they have a stolen one."

"Well when do I get to make it?"

"Right now if you like."

The End

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