Chapter Twenty-nine

When Steven awoke, the sun was up, but it was always up in Foltor, so it didn't really matter.  An alarm he didn't remember setting woke him up, and the clock said it was about five-thiry AM.  He was asleep for about four hours.  

Hardwin came crashing in a few seconds later.  He was already dressed, his sword sheathed across his back.  Today he wore a deep blue cape, a contrast to the usual yellow and white colors Those of Light usually adorn.  

"Steven, you've slept in, everyone else is already down in the training area!" he said.  "You'll find a small breakfast buffet down there, but get training as soon as possible!"

Steven was rushed by Hardwin who sat inside his room until Steven was ready to go downstairs, to make sure he didn't idle.  He ate a small breakfast of light pancakes and a pale yellow syrup-type stuff.  Hardwin gave him about three minutes to eat before he was pushed to the spear throwing station and put through training harder than the previous day.

Ariel spent the day training with Hardwin, Korbin with the twins, Paulus and Aelianus, and Steven with a fourteen-year-old Those of Light named Haza.  Steven felt a little out of place being trained by a fourteen year old.

Korbin, Ariel, and Steven couldn't help but be jealous of Pan, who was given a huge amount of reading assignments my Ligeia, who couldn't stay with him the whole day.  He got to sit in his quiet little library corner in a comfortable chair with a nice breeze.  The rest of them had to run around while being yelled at by their trainers, growing more and more tired by the second.

They were relieved by the arrival of Winfrio.  "Another Protector has been found, and we are working on bringing him here, but meanwhile, I'd like you to meet our newest recruit, all the way from England.  Not that its any closer to Foltor than the United States is, but its for you'Americans',"he even did the air quotes, "so here you go."  He moved out of the way for the Protector to enter.

The End

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