Chapter Twenty-Eight

That night Steven lay in his bed in his apartment in the Protector Center. He couldn't sleep though he knew he had to start training early the next day. It wasn't just the adrenaline coursing through him that was keeping him awake, it was the events of the day running through his mind. It seemed so strange that less than twenty-four hours ago he'd been in the car with Korbin driving to see Gregtree. Now he was supposed to save the world.

Steven wondered how long it would be until the battle came. So far they only had five Protectors, including the one from England. They still needed to find the last two. What if one of them was a newborn? What if one of them was 100 years old?

This made him think of Pan, the newest Protector. He was only ten and he was destined to become the greatest magician ever born. How much time would it take for him to get there?

When Ligeia had come into the Training Room earlier, she'd watched Pan do a few more spells and then told everyone to go to bed. They had a lot of work to do tomorrow.

Ligeia was hard to read, but Steven didn't think she liked being upstaged by a ten-year-old. Hopefully she wouldn't let that get in the way of training Pan.

All this thinking was exhausting Steven. He moved to turn off the lights but ended up falling asleep before he got there.

The End

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