Chapter Twenty-seven

The training Hardwin had them do was vicious.  He had Korbin stand in the middle of a field of moving targets that circled around him, and he was supposed to hit the center of each target as they went around him.  

Hardwin trained Ariel, and he told Steven and Korbin that the experts in knife and spear throwing would train them the next day.  Steven had to throw spears into a dummy repeatedly, moving further and further back with each throw.  Ariel, Steven, and Korbin were suprised by how quickly they could learn their Strength.

"I'm still worried about being like twenty years younger than most of the Protectors," said Ariel during one of the few two-minute long breaks Hardwin allowed them.

"Um, excuse me," said Korbin, "I'm only twenty-two!  You're not that much younger than me!  Sure, Stevens much older then you,"

"Hey, I'm not that old!" Steven interrupted.

"You're fourty-one, thats old to me."

"That'll insult a lot people if you go around saying that!" 

"Hey, we don't need to fight about this!" said Ariel.  "Remember what Hardwin said, there's probably going to be like, ten year olds!"  As if to prove her point, a Those of Light came crashing into the training area with a boy who looked to be about ten.

"Exactly my point!" said Ariel, making an arm gesture towards the door.  Hardwin, who had been told he was needed for a few minutes came in behind the boy and the Those of Light who brought him.

"Ariel, Steven, Korbin, this is Pan, and he is the newest captured- I mean recruited Protector," Hardwin corrected himself.  "Pan, please meet Steven, Protector Number Five, Korbin, Protector Number Four, and Ariel, Protector Number One, your leader."

"Hello," said Pan.  "When do I get to find out my Strength?" 

"Right now actually," said Hardwin, "We've already explained everything to him," he explained to Steven, Korbin, and Ariel after seeing their confused looks.  

"Shouldn't we do that in the morning?" asked Ariel, "We've been training all day, what time is it anyways?"

"Oh about eleven thirty, PM, the sun never sets in Foltor, its always shining."

"When do you go to bed?" asked Steven.

"Oh, we don't, we never really need to, but I suppose you do because you're human, and that's why we have the fancy building we call the Protector Center," said Hardwin with a little smile.

"Well, can I find out my Strength first?" asked Pan with the hint of a whiny tone.

 "Oh, yes," said Hardwin, "and we're expecting one more Protector here in the morning, they're from England, so I hope you speak British!" 

"Um, Hardwin," said Ariel with a little laugh, "They speak English in England, thats why English in called English."  Hardwin didn't look amused.

"Go train Ariel, I'll help Pan find his skill," Hardwin replied coldly.  Ariel, Steven, and Korbin went back to their stations.  "So Pan, are there any places you fell particularly drawn to?"

"Yes, sir, there is!" he said, and he went running over to the magic station, for Protector Number Seven.

"The magic station?" asked Hardwin.  "Protector Number Seven is foretold to be more powerful than the most powerful sorcerer, or enchantress in this case as right now it is Ligeia."

"You don't think I'm powerful?" asked Pan.

"I'm not saying that at all, I'm just telling you what Protector Number Seven is destined to do."

"Well, I'm gonna try it!"  Protector Number Seven's station, set in one of the corners of the training area, was basically a little library.  It had one or two targets and things to enchant or transfigure, but was nothing like the other stations with their numerous dummies and targets.

"You just need to try to cast a spell!" said Hardwin, "Enter the library and find one, bring it back and show me."  Pan went into the small library, which was set inside its own room, made of the bookshelves that formed the library.  After about five minutes of looking, Pan came back out with a small purple book.

"I have the spell," he said.

"Go on then," said Hardwin.  Pan cleared his throat, and said;

"Magno Ventus, Montec Ictu!" a wind swept through the training area.  It was so powerful, everyone in the room but Pan was knocked over, along with a fair number of dummies.

"Welcome, Protector Number Seven," said a voice from the doorway.  It was Ligeia.

The End

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