Chapter Twenty-Four

"So, to find out your Strength you will be trained quickly in all seven Strengths. Whichever one you are most proficient at will be your strength. I assume you've never used any of these weapons before?" Hardwin asked. Steven and korbin shook their heads. "Alright, then. Let's begin."

They trained in each weapon for one hour. It was a long, drawn out process and by the time they were done they were both exhausted. They also both had found their Strength. Korbin's was knife-throwing and Steven's was spear-throwing. "This worked out well," Hardwin said. "Since you are both throwers you may end up working together in battle and since you are already friends it would be a good match." Just as Steven was about to say that they weren't really friends they door burst open. One of Those of Light ran into the room bringing with him a young girl, maybe sixteen years old. "What's this?" Hardwin asked. "Another Protector," the One of Light said.

The End

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