Chapter Twenty-three

"Very well," said Winfrio.  "Hardwin will train you, as he is the head trainer for the army."

"Sir," interrupted Hardwin, "I have too many new recruits to train, wouldn't it be better to have the twins or Nikanor train them?  Or at least someone of their weapon specialty, once we find their Strength of course."

"I agree with Hardwin," said one of the Councilmembers, "We still need to find their Strength, and could Hardwin teach them how to do battle acrobatics, I think not."

"You raise a good point Livius," said Winfrio.  "Hardwin will help them find their Strength and then they will be trained by that class's expert.  The twins could teach knife throwing, Niaknor or Ligeia could teach them archery."

"I thought Nikanor will be taking over for Ligeia as general of the archers," said Hardwin, "and I believe this would be a good time to do so with the present situation."

"We will discuss all of this later, but for now, Hardwin, please bring these two protectors to the Army Center to train," said Winfrio with a curt little nod.

"Um, excuse me," Steven spoke out, "but what's all this about a Strength, and when will we be finding them out?" 

"Livius, I believe you are the head of the ancient prophecies, could you please being Steven and Korbin into the light on this matter?" asked Winfrio.

"Yes, sir," started Livius.  "Each of the seven protectors have a Strength that is hidden to even them until it is discovered.  They also each have a number, Protector One being proficient in swordfighting, Protector Two being proficient in archery, Protector Three being proficient in battle acrobatics, and they continue through all seven Protectors.  The prophecy outline this all very clearly.  When the seven Protectors have their great Come Together, their skills combined are said to be able to defeat anyone or anything."

"Well what are the rest of the Protector skills?" asked Korbin, "I don't want to do battle acrobatics!"

"I'm afraid you do not get to choose Korbin," said Livius.

"Well can you at least tell me the rest of them?" 

"Oh, very well.  Protector Four is to be proficient with knife throwing, Protector Five in spear throwing, Protector Six in dual wielding, and Protector Seven in magic.  We have had a special building for the Protectors to live in once they have arrived, and it has seven floors, one for each Protector.  We will find your numbers once you have brought forth your Strength."

"And we should do that as soon as possible, Hardwin, please bring-" Winfrio was interrupted by the sudden opening of the doors by Nikanor, who ran in, followed closely by Ligeia.  

"Sir, They have retreated in to the portal, but they were not nearly out of troops.  Another battle will most definitely happen in the near future," said Nikanor.  "Paulus and Aelianus' reinforcements arrived at the exact right time."

"Very good, very good," said Winfrio, "Hardwin, why have you not brought these two Protectors to the Army Center yet, we will need them for the next battle!"

"Sir, I doubt they will be ready by then, they-" said Hardwin, to be interrupted by Livius.

"I am certain you will learn your Strength faster than anyone else in the world, after all, it is your only purpose!"

"Very well," said Harwin with a little eye roll, "Steven, Korbin, come with me to the Army Center."

The End

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