Chapter Twenty-one

"Come," said Hardwin, beckoning them to follow towards the grand castle in the distance.  "Nikanor, you go back to Gregtree Manor and join in the fight, return with the news when the fighting is over."  The Those of Light with the bow and arrows nodded his head and ran off, conjuring a portal and running through it.  

"Paulus, you go with Aelianus to the Army Center and send more troops to the battle."  The other two Those of Light, with the throwing knives ran down one of the paths.

"They're twins, Paulus and Aelianus, and the best fighting team you'll ever meet," said Hardwin, as he continued towards the castle.  "Thats the Foltor Castle, where the High Council and the Elders live and work.  We must hurry and tell them what has happened."  Steven and Korbin could barley keep up with him he ran so fast.  

When they had finally reached the gleaming golden gates, Hardwin raised his hand, and they opened.  They ran through the courtyard and down winding halls to a pair of very large marble doors.  Upon entering, Steven and Korbin gasped.

The inside of the High Council Chamber was massive.  Towering pillars, all glowing and sparkling white lined the sides and twelve Those of Light sat a long table across the back, one of the seats was empty, the one directly to the right of the center.  

"Hardwin, what news do you bring?" asked the Those of Light in the center chair, the largest of the chairs.

"A war against Them has erupted High Councilman Winfrio.  Meino has joined them and he has a massive army with him.  There is currently a battle happening at Gregtree Manor, and Ligeia is there with our archers," said Hardwin as he knelt down, then stood back up.

"And were additional troops sent?" asked Winfrio.  

"Yes," replied Hardwin, "I sent the twins to bring reinforcements.

"Very good, and what did Ligeia have to say about this matter?" said Winfrio, leaning forwards into his seat.

"Sir, she said to tell you that the war has begin."

There was an outburst from the council, they all began to shout at once.  "SILENCE!" yelled Winfrio.

"We do not have the army to fight a full scale war against Them at the present moment, we barely have enough troops to call it an army," said one of the other Councilmembers.  

"Sir, I have also brought two of the Protectors with me, these two humans are Steven, and Korbin," said Hardwin.

"These are two of the protectors, I can't imagine what the other must look like!" said a woman on the end of the Council Table, with a little laugh. 

The End

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