Chapter Nineteen

"What do you mean?  We have more questions to ask you!" said Korbin.  

"Korbin, Steven, it is time for you to leave," said Gregtree, "And if you don't, I will be forced to take another route."

"Why do we need to leave?" asked Steven.

"I have a meeting now, leave, or I'll call the guards."

"A meeting with who, I thought you were having a meeting with us right now!" 


"Why are you meeting with Them?"

"They have a much better dental plan, and they offer me more power than Those of Light.  Guards, could you please show these two gentlemen out?" shouted Gregtree to the general direction behind him.  Immediately, four human shaped things, dressed entirely in black, fell from the ceiling.  They started running towards Korbin and Steven but before they could reach them, a number of bright form rose up in between them.  

Four those of light, one with a bright sword, one with a glowing bow with shining arrows, the other two with a large array of knives with blades seemingly made out of light itself.  A second after they arrived, the guards were dead on the ground, 

Then man with the sword advanced on gregtree, who pulled out a sword of his own, and his clothes fell to the ground around him, along with his hat, revealing him to be wearing one of the bright flowing robes the other Those of Light were wearing. 

"Mieno, known by the Earthen name Alexander Gregtree, you have been sentenced to death by the Those of Light High Council for treason and betrayal to the race of Those of Light," said the man with the sword.

"Hardwin!  I haven't seen you since the reunion!  How have you been?"  said Gregtree.  Hardwin didn't answer, he swung at Gregtree with expert precision, but Gregtree blocked, and the fight began.  

"Hardwin," said Gregtree, "You can't beat me, we started our first sword fighting class together and we'ver both gotten the recognition of Grandmaster Swordsman, but, as it was so many years ago, I'm still much better!"

One of the Those of Light with the knives threw a knife at Gregtree, which Gregtree blocked and coninued to fight Hardwin.  An arrow was shot at him, but he dodged.  The one who shot the arrow pulled out two long knives and ran towards Gregtree.  The other two followed.

Fighting four opponents was seemingly easy for him, and the swords and knives clashed together and broke various decorations in Gregtree's home as the vicious fighting slowly made its way to the entryway.  Steven and Korbin could do little other than stand there in shock.

As the fight began to move up the steps, a bright flash of light blinded Steven and Korbin, but it made the four Those of Light turn to see what it was.  Filling the enormous entryway was a small army of Those of Light, each armed with a bow, arrow pointing straight at Gregtree.  At the front of the army stood Ligeia, armed with her own bow. 

"Mieno, surrender!" shouted Ligeia.  The fighting between Gregtree, Hardwin, and the other two Those of Light was over, as they ran down and stood beside Ligeia, leaving Gregtree alone on the steps.  

"I will never surrender Ligeia, the rule of Those of Light is over, it is time for Them to be in charge!" Gregtree shouted down to her.

"You will die then," said Ligeia, releasing her arrow, which gave the signal to the hundred other Those of Light to release theirs as well.  Gregtree raised his arms and an enormous glowing shield surrounded him, causing the arrows to vanish on contact.  

'You forget Ligeia, that with magic I am second only to you." said Gregtree as he raised his arms above his head, causing one of the dark swirling portals to appear above him.  The strange human-like creatures rained from the portal onto the army of Those of Light.  

The battle began to rage inside the entry-hall, Ligeia, Hardwin, and his two companions ran to Steven and Korbin.

"Hardwin, you, Nikanor, Paulus, and Aenalius bring Steven and Korbin back to Foltor, and tell the High Council that the war has begun," said Ligeia.  She fired an arrow into the clashing armies and ran to join the battle.

The End

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