Chapter Seventeen

Upon arriving in South Beach, Korbin and Steven got out of their cab.  "You're sure this is it?" Steven asked the driver upon seeing the place they had just arrived.  

"Yes sir, I'm sure!" the driver replied, as he sped away, as if he didn't want to stay at the old house.  It was a small hut.  One floor, a small deck in front, and it was on the beach, the ocean just a few feet from the front door.  Korbin and Steven reached the door, with chipped red paint, and knocked.

A man, in sunglasses, with his hair tied up into a hat, and every inch of his skin covered except for the places above the neck.  He even wore gloves.  "May I help you?" the man asked.  He was very tall, at least six feet, and very skinny.  

"Are you professor Gregtree?" asked Steven.

"I am," Gregtree replied.

"I read your book, and I have some questions to ask about it.  Please sir, we have come all the way from New Orleans," Steven told him.

"Oh, very well, come inside," Gregtree said, backing away from the door to let them through.

Korbin gasped as he entered the hut.  The inside beared no resemblance to the outside.  The outside was old and dilapidated, the inside fancy and elaborate.  There was even a second floor, which didn't seem possible from the look of the ouside, a grand marble staircase lead upstairs.  A crystal chandelier hung above them, and their shoes clicked on the marble floor as they followed Gregtree to an adjacent room.  

The room they entered was large, and full of plushy couches.  An enormous TV hung on one wall, and a bar was on the other.  Expensive looking paintings hung on the walls.  

"Sit down please, I believe I have some explaining to do, about both my house and my book."  He removed his sunglasses, revealing eyes that glowed like a star.

The End

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