Chapter Sixteen

Korbin woke up in a hospital room. Steven sat on a chair next to him. "Second time I've been in the E.R. this week. Second time I've been involved in an accident, really."

"What's going on?" Korbin asked.

Steven explained about the book he'd read and the show he'd watched on TV. "I was headed out to see the author when all of a sudden I hit something. Turns out it was you. The sheriff took me downtown but when the doctors called and said you'd be perfectly okay, they let me go with no charges. You didn't even break a bone! Lucky guy."

"I know about the glowing people," Korbin said. "They were the ones holding me prisoner. Except that they didn't treat me badly. They treated me really well. They gave me good food and it wasn't uncomfortable but I couldn't leave."

"How did you end up in the road then?"

"Well, I forced myself to stay awake for a while and a glowing lady appeared with food. There was some type of portal thing and I jumped through it. I think I was maybe unconscious for a while because next thing I knew I saw your headlights and I was being hit by your car."

"Wow," Steven said, rubbing his face. "We gotta figure out what all this is. As soon as you're out of here, we're going to South Beach and asking this Gregtree guy what the hell is going on."

The End

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