Chapter Fifteen

The walls of Korbin's cell seemed nearly impenetrable.  He had never seen them open, but food and other things would always be there when he woke up.  He decided not to sleep.  

The wall soon opened, but not with a door, more of a great gaping black mass that appeared on one of the walls.  A woman walked in.  Her eyes glowed, her hair slowly waved to one side.  Her whole self seemed to glow with beautiful light.  

Korbin did not have time to watch her any further.  The woman jupmed back into the black mass she had just come through, as though the sight of Korbin being awakw was more frightening that anything she had seen before.  Korbin ran through the black mass.

He landed on his back, and in a daze, he stood up.  Rubbing his head, he looked around to see where the woman went.  It was all dark, until a pair of headlights could be seen.  He tried to run, but the car was going to fast.  

The force of the car caused him to collapse over, and he hit his head, going unconciouss. 

The End

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