Chapter Fourteen

Driving for six hours straight, Steven began to grow weary.  He was about an hour away from Jackson, MS and he decided not to drive any further.  Just as he was pulling off the ramp into some random small town called Gigglebeam, a fog started to develop on the landscape.  He tried to keep driving, but then he hit something.  He saw it slam against the windshield before getting hit to the ground by the sudden brakes.  

Jumping out of the car, Steven tried to find what he had hit, but the fog was too thick.  A beam of light penetrated the fog behind him.  Turning around and shielding his eyes, as it was the middle of the night, he could make out a man with a flashlight, pointed right at him.  

"Who are you!" growled the man.

"My name is Steven Moon, I am from New Orleans, may I ask who I am speaking to?" replied Steven, not able to see the man's face, only two large black boots and some ripped jeans.  

"I am the sherriff of Gigglebeam, and I happened to be driving along, when I saw you hit something.  By the way my name's Sherrif Luka."  The man stepped into the light, revealing a tall thin man, about 50, with short brown hair.  He was wearing a leather jacket, his badge pinned to the front, and a top hat.  Steven couldn't help but think he was a bit strange looking.  

"What did I hit?"  asked Steven.

"Well I couldn't see it very well, it just looked like a blob before it fell to the ground, I only saw the tiniest glimpse of it in your headlights.  I'll go look, It was probably just a  deer." said Luka, moving to the front of the car.  After shining the flasklight around for a minute, while Steven waited near the back of the car, Luka gasped.  "Um, Sir, mister Moon, I'm gonna need to take you with me."

"Well why?" asked Steven.

"Come see for yourself!" said Luka.  Steven walked to the front of the car.  In the flashlights beam lied a man, unconscious, with blood on his white shirt.  It was Korbin.

The End

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