Chapter Twelve

The documentary was very interesting.  It talked about the book,  much like a book club would.  But how could there be a documentary on some random ten page childrens book, and why was it on today of all days.  

The book, he learned, was published in 1985, as a fiction piece, and Alexander Gregtree stated that it had just come to him in a dream to write about it.  The reason it was so short is that that is all he knows on the subject, even though it is his creation, but he refuses to make up more about the world of Foltor, as he was determined more would come to him subconsciously some day.

He said all this in an interview, but the interview happened nearly seven years prior to the day Steven was watching the documentary.  In the interview, Gregtree had long blonde hair, pulled into a ponytail, and he was wearing dark sunglasses.  He wore black clothing, and black gloves.  His light blonde hair stood out against the black clothing, as did his pale face.  

Gregtree said in his interview how in his dream, a woman in bright robes with gently wavering blonde hair and glowing eyes spoke to him in latin.  He said that from what he could remember, he was sitting on a balcony of a tall building, looking out over a glimmering white city.  The woman sat across from him on a small white chair, like he was sitting in.  The dream lasted for a while, as she told him the story, before the bright sun turned to black, the city to grey, the woman's to red, and he woke up.  

The documentary soon ended, and after sitting there, just thinking about what he saw, Steven set out to talk to this Gregtree man, to find out what he knows.

The End

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