Chapter Eleven

When Steven woke he was in a hospital room. He had a neck brace on and a full arm cast stretching from his hand to his shoulder. He pressed the call nurse button on his bed and shortly a nurse with dark skin and hair walked in.

"Yes, sir? I'm glad to see you're awake. How can I help you?"

She looked nothing like Those of Light. What was going on?

"Oh, um, could I get something to eat?"

"Sure, one second." She was soon back with some crappy hospital food.

"When can I get out of here?"

"Well, since it's just a few broken bones you can leave anytime you're ready. The police would like to talk to you before you leave, though. Apparently you were the victim of a hit-and-run. Very exciting. So, shall I go get them?"

"Sure," Steven replied.

The police asked a few simple questions: Did he have any enemies? Did he know who might have done this? What was he doing immediately before being hit? Did he see anyone suspicious? He answered all of these as honestly as he could.

When they got to the questions about his family, he choked.

"Are you married, Dr?" a red-head cop asked.

"No," Steven responded.


Steven gulped but didn't lie. "Yes," he nodded.

"Any children?"

Steven didn't answer right away.


"A little girl, but I haven't seen her since she was a few months old. I don't know where her or her mother are."

"Thank you very much, sir. We will contact you."

An hour later, Steven was out of there. He recognized the part of town he was in and also recognized the need for some sort of place to call home for the time being. He walked to a motel and rented a room on a pay-by-the-day basis.

He wasn't really tired, having been unconscious a few hours before, but also thought that drinking wasn't a good idea. He wasn't hungry either, so he settled for watching the news.

He turned on the TV, surprised to see, on the very first channel he flipped to, a documentary on the very book he'd read at the library. A few minutes into the show he realized it wasn't really on that book, but on modern creation stories. He listened intently to everything the reporter said.

The End

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