Chapter Ten

The ambulance was painted yellow on the inside.  Steven was very dizzy, and his arm hurt, it felt broken, along with his collarbone, and his hand, all on the left side.  Through his blurry vision he looked to his right and saw a paramedic faced away from him, writing something on a clipboard.  The man's hair was blonde, and it seemed to slightly flowing.  When he turned around, Steven could see his eyes were glowing.  This was too much for him.  He fainted back into darkness.


Korbin kept pacing around the edges of his white room, looking for any sort of crack or anything.  he walls were completely solid.  They seemed to be made of glass, but his chair wasn't able to shatter it, it was only able to shatter his chair, and it now was a pile of white wood in the corner.  

Not a single scratch in the glass.  It was a single piece as well, with a small curve at the joint between the wall and floor, and wall and ceiling, and it was a perfect square.  No way out.  Korbin couldn't take it, he screamed as loud as he could, but no one came.  No way out.

The End

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