Chapter Nine

Steven wasn't sure that what he had read was true. How could it be? Someone was probably punking him. Maybe he'd seen this book in the library during his four years of study and his subconscious had dragged it up through his fear.

He stepped out of the library, desperately needing a drink, and was almost immediately hit by a car.


Korbin woke to a blinding light. He couldn't see more than shadows, but he knew that a person had just come into the room. They moved gracefully toward Korbin, knelt down, and set something on the ground. Then they left.

Korbin shut his eyes, rubbed them with his fist, and opened them again. It was a tray of food. It was simply a roll cut in half with honey smeared on it and a glass of milk, but Korbin devoured it like it was the most scrumptious thing ever made.

When he was finished, he licked the honey from his hands. Who were his captors? Why would they bring him such delicious food? Why not a stale crust of bread and some water? Korbin didn't think of any way to know what was going on, and he was starting to feel tired again. He lay back down, hoping his dreams would shed some light on the situation.

The End

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