Chapter Eight

Steven entered the enormous library.  Rows and rows of book, nearly four stories, with so many volumes and editions.  He headed towards the mythology section to start.  He could find nothing called Foltor, no Those of Light, no protectors, nothing.  He looked through so many books, it was soon dusk of the next day.

Finally, he gave up.  He visited the last section of the library he hadn't visited yet.  The fiction section, as he thought that it could only be found in reference books.  Looking through the section he couuld find nothing.  The only other thing left was the small children's section in the corner of the fiction section.  He slowly made his way towards the three small bookshelves, full of only picture books.  Kneeling down to reach them, he ran his thumb along, looking through the titles, then he saw it.  A small book, a white cover, with plain black lettering.  The book was calledThe World of Foltor,by Alexander Gregtree.  

Taking the book, he went to a nearby couch and began to read, the book had very few pictures:

"Long ago, before the age of humans, there was a time of great prosperity and life in the world.  It was ruled by a small race of human like creatures who called themselves Those of Light.  They were a peaceful people with simple lives.  They wore glowing robes, and their blonde hair always seemed to be waving in the wind.  Their eyes glowed brightly, and they possessed powers beyond that of even light itself.  

Those of Light ruled the world with justice and kindness, but then They came.  They attacked the beautiful white cities of Those of Light, turning them to rubble, and killing many Those of Light in their path.  After fifty years of conflict and fighting between Them and Those of Light, the elders of the Those of Light came together to  try to end the war.

They used ancient powers, to split the world of Those of Light with the world of Them.  But the split tore the fabric of the world so greatly that even when the two worlds, the World of Them, and Foltor, had been completely split, the mending of the tear in the world is not strong enough to hold Them out forever.

The World of Humans lies between the two worlds, one accidentally created during the Great Tear, and upon seeing the new world, the elders of Those of Light gave them a task.  As they had created the new world, the new world, the World of Humans, would have to pay back their debt when the time came that They get back to Foltor for revenge on Those of Light.

When the time came, seven Protectors would have to come together to save Foltor.  The seven Protectors would be appointed by the elders, and when it was time, they would come together to save Foldor, and their own world, the New World."

It was a short book, but it gave Steven the information he needed, but who were the Protectors, when would they be needed, why did that Those of Light appear to him, and where was Korbin?  Surely this book was just a children's book, he decided to find this Alexander Gregtree.

The End

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