Chapter Six

The double doors swung open.  The light that came through was blinding.  A woman in glowing robes stood on the other side.  Her hair was blonde, her robe billowed around her as her hair was blown to the side although there was no wind.  Her eyes glowed brightly, causing Steven to have to close his eyes from the light.

"Mundus Foltor dissipatae illa luce potest sustinere eos diutius multi es spes habent 

Korbin redirnisi regnum et alius protectores oportet simul concurrunt aut cadet"

He understood what she had said, just before she disappeared in a flash of light.  She had told him that they had breached the world of Foltor, and that Those of Light cannot hold them any longer.  They have Korbin, and the protectors must come together or the worlds will fall, both that of Humans, and that of Those of Light; the world of Foltor.

The End

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