Chapter Three

The doctor had hoped he would never have to come back here. He had loved New Orleans, he'd gone to college there. He loved Mardi Gras, he loved the voodoo, he loved everything about the place.

Unfortunately, this place also held a lot of bad memories. It was the reason he'd ended up leaving. Now he was back.

The house was a dark shade of purple. The doctor hadn't chosen it, she had. It was three stories and a Victorian style. The outside used to have a lovely rose garden out front but in the years past it seemed to have become overgrown and wilted.

"What now?" the doctor asked. He turned to where he assumed Korbin would be, but no one was there. There was no way he would be going in the house alone. He decided to go down to his old favorite bar and wait for Korbin to show back up.

The End

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