Chapter Two

"Hello Korbin," said the doctor.  Moving to his desk, he sat down in the old green chair behind it.  "Why are you here?  Did something happen?"

"Its the old house in New Orleans.  I think its been found, the walls must have been breached.  I had this dream, I saw the house, so i went there," said Korbin

"Dream? what happened in it?" asked the doctor, thinking of his dream from the night before.  

"Well I saw the house, her in the rocking chair, then I saw you, and woke up."

"I had the same dream, but i wasnt there, only you, but she was there."

"I visited the house this morning, the gate was open, so was the arch," this brought a look of surprise and alarm to the doctor's face.  Jumping up he ran to the small wardrobe in the corner, pushing it out of the way.  The other side revealed a thin arch, etched into the wall, about five feet tall, outlining just the regular wall, like a space reserved for a mural that hasnt been painted yet.

"Well come on," said the doctor, as he stepped into the archway, disappearing into the wall behind him.  Korbin followed him into the darkness, and after stepping through he found himself on a country road, with a dark mansion ahead.

The End

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