Come Together

The doctor woke up afraid. He had been dreaming of the old house in New Orleans again. He had seen the woman in the rocker. He'd seen the man with the brown eyes.

The doctor hadn't dreamed of New Orleans in at least a month. He'd thought his childhood nightmare was finally gone for good. He knew he couldn't fall back asleep--not now--so he got out of the bed.

It was only 5:30 in the morning, he normally would have slept in for at least another hour. He decided he would get ready and head into work early.

The doctor showered, shaved, and dressed in a snappy brown suit. Then he got into his old Chevy car and headed for the office.

The receptionist, Christabelle, wasn't in yet, she didn't usually come in until 8:00, a half hour before the first appointment.

The doctor decided that he would organize his patient files with his spare time. He headed into his office and was surprised to see it wasn't empty.

A man was sitting on the patient's couch. He turned around when the doctor walked in. He had piercing, light brown eyes. "Hello, Steven," he said.

The End

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