Come out of the Walls Part 1

This is not for your average child. This is a story that must be read carefully. This is about the story of a young lady who is haunted by the other half of herself.

Tip tap, tick tock, knock, knock, knock three times

So that you know that I am hiding within my own wall

I hide in the cracks and inside the walls so that you cannot see me

The only thing you know to do is call

I will not answer if you are afraid I will only answer when you are ready and brave

I am you and you are me, you are here and I am away

To call on me you must be brave to call on me you have to stay

If you stay you will be afraid but if you stay my face will display

Come out of the walls you must say to the cracks and floors

I will squeeze through the wall and come out of the door

Do not be afraid because you are me and I am you

I need my body to live with you

Come out of the room to meet your ghost

No more hiding and no more lying

Just turn around and meet the host

I am not a monster I am just another version of you

 You may be afraid of me but I am not afraid of you

I like to make friends and I will not bite

I just want you to meet the other half of me but if you refuse

Then you… will… RUE!

The End

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