"Oh your awake. The center of Atlanta isn't too far away now hun."

She is looking up at me and of course all the worry I had faded. I do that a lot. Worry about things that are not even true. We have plenty of time to get to know each other.

"What are you thinking about?" Every time she speaks to me I marvel in her sliken voice.

I then was rather stuck. It always takes me a while to take in how beautiful her voice is but now I had to think of something to say I was thinking that didn't sound stupid.

"Just about getting to Europe" Phew came up with something.

"What were you really thinking about?" Damn she knows me too well already. I laughed.

"About you," I come to that conclusion because I was thinking about her. I haven't stopped thinking about her.

The bus is coming to a stop now. Its not in a place I recognise but that could be because I've never been to this part of Atlanta before. Our hotel wasn't too far.

"We better get off here babe" I slowly lifted her off my lap and helped her down the steps of the bus. She was still tiered but I didn't mind helping her. I wanted to spend my whole life helping her.

Now to our hotel. It was getting dark so we would need to get into the hotel soon. I hoped she wouldn't think we were posh for the five star hotel. We would be staying here quite a while luxury was everything for my gran. Haha I do miss her, I know she would love Alexus.

The End

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