Little Miss Ever-Dream

Alexus awoke from her dreams, the bus lurched forward as it stopped, nearly making her tumble off her seat. "Whats wrong?" She murmered, still half asleep. She rubbed her eyes looking around for any sign of where they were. She saw a a few houses here and there. "Where are we?" She coughed, clearing her throat she sat up.

Something looked like it bothered Drake, he was staring at her absent-mindedly. She looked at the phone clutched in his hand and back to him. He looked like a dream, a perfect dream. She had just met him, fell in love with him and yet she hadn't even opened up to him, not really. She noticed the notebook in her bag, "I hope I don't have to show him that." She thought. "I write like a 3 year old!" She, tore her eyes away from her bag.

Day dream, Night dream. He still looked perfect in everyway. Well to her anyway. 

The End

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