In my arms

Alexus was asleep in my arms, as I looked down at her I smiled. I was slightly suprised when she smiled back. I couldn't think why anyone wouldn't want to be with her every waking moment.

I reached for my phone when I felt it vibrate.

It was a message. Unknown number. I checked through the notes where I had scribbled down people from the bus's names and numbers. It mached beth's cell.

Hey Drake.

How are you and Alexus? Updates from the bus; Mai has left and so have Mike and Morgan after they found each other. I am still astounded that lost daughter and father found eachother on my bus. Ash Vanhelsing has gone. He left rather quickly and I'm rather worried for him. Gloria has gotten off and had the baby. Many new faces have gotten on aswell.

Where are you now?



I couldn't help smiling. She had remembered us. I couldn't help wondering how that Amber girl was, maybe I should text her.

I looked down at Alexus. Maybe later, I didn't want to wake her up. Our stop would be soon enough and I would have to wake her soon enough anyway. We were getting to the center of Atlanta. I would endulge Alexus. She deserved it.

I was still astounded I had found her. So perfect and undamaged in everyway. I felt so angry that anyone could have driven her away from her home. I still wondered if there was something she hadn't told me.

I realised there was lots still to know about Alexus. I had known her only a few days now. Yet I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone but her.

She began to stir in her sleep. I wondered what she was thinking about. Did I dare to wonder if it was me.

The End

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