Love at First Sight

Alexus smiled, feeling his fingers run through her hair as the bus went on its way. She felt sort of sad, leaving the old bus. After all they had all been through so much together. Especially the incident with the murderer. She shuddered as the thought of his blood splattering all over her replayed in her mind.

She put it out of her mind by thinking about what she would do. "Well, when we get to the airport, get some new clothes." She laughed at the thought of going through customs with an FBI t-shirt on. "My passport!" Her mind wheeled, as she leant forward to search through her bag. Breathing a sigh of relief she took it out of her bag, she had forgotten she even brought it with her. She placed it back into her bag and as the moon hung delicatly in the sky she rested her head back on his shoulder. "It has been, such a long day." She sighed, her eyes closing ever so slightly, "I won't sleep, I will just rest my eyes a bit." But her eyes closed, her mind switched off and she drifted off to sleep.

She dreamt of a green field, situated in the middle of it was a giant oak. She sat beneath it, a book in her hand, although she didn't not know what it was. Drake, walked over to her. He sat next to her, leaning in and kissed her, it was sweet and warm. He wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her close. She dropped her book and leaned in, deepening the kiss. She stirred in her sleep, a smile springing to her lips.

The End

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