Come Fly With Me .

This is the CONTINUED story of Alexus and Drake from the protagonize bus. You dont need to read the protagonize bus to know about them we cover that here too. However if you want to know how they met fell in love etc either ask or read it.

So here we go much love from
Anna - Drake + Odinae - Alexus

I took Alexus's hand.

"Come on"

I stoped next to the girl who I had originally been sat with.

"Amber is it?"  She looked like she was just waking up.

"Uh. Yeh" 

"Look heres my number. If anything happens text me or call me or something." I flung her a crumpled ten pound note. "That should pay fro credit. Something tells me this wont be the last we see of you guys"

A small sad sounding voice came from the front.

"Your leaving?" It was Mai.

"Yes together. The worlds in the palm of our hands, and we're not going to waste the moment. Look Mai don't forget us. We're sure we will see you all again. Here take my number to. If anything happens call us, and please don't forget. "

I also swaped numbers with the driver. She was standing outside the bus smoking.

Alexus was still saying goodbye. I patted the side of the bus.

"See you some day my freind." I smiled. I almost felt the bus smiling back at me. "Cummon Lexi!" She hoped out of the bus and we found the next one to the center of Atlanta. Alot of people on the bus stopped what they were doing to wave us off. I smiled as our bus left the old one out of sight.

Alexus lay with her head on my chest. The beauty I had met only a day ago. My fingers ran through her light silken hair. Who knows what we were heading into...

The End

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