Why Don't You Paint The Town Red?

The first day, the first week, buzzed by with nothing new.  I got back into the rhythm of school, friends, and homework. "Eat, sleep, procrastinate" became the status quo and earphones turned out to be my greatest comfort, as long as they were connected to an iPod.

I expected a very quiet, boring year that ended in significant weight gain due to the lack of prom dates and  endless supply of chocolate. Convenient, right?

Wrong! What I got was a party, some friends, and a very cute stranger.

People were buzzed to kick in the new year, and I was determined to do it right. I brought out that little black dress and flirty eyeshadow that said "I'm not taken, for all you know."

Friday night was looking good, to good to be true even. I was ready to get back in the game, no matter what my wounded heart said. Emotions just get in the way, anyways.

The End

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