Love Lost Is Just A Mirage

He looked at me in shock, and then disbelief. That look made me feel like a kid who was just caught lying, but I meant what I said. Those three words were truth, and I could no longer deny it.

He had my heart from the moment we met, but I always did my best to ignore it, until now. I don’t know what made me say ‘I love you’, but I knew I would never regret it.

Seconds, minutes passed, and he was still in the same position, with the same troubled expression on his face. It made me very nervous seeing him like that, paralyzed. I had always wondered what his reaction would be if I let him know how I really felt, but I would have never guessed he’d be horrified.

He used to ask me what I thought about everything and anything he could think of. We used to be so close… He used to love me, more than anyone ever had, but I didn’t know I could love him back. I was so afraid that I pushed him too far, and he gave up.

Now I realize that I can’t go on without him in my life and that I love him.

The End

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