Call Me Crazy, It's Just An Understatement

My blood boiled. My anger charged through my whole body. It was electrifying, and I was ready to give him a taste of that. How dare he say...

For just one moment, I paused to think, and suddenly, everything I thought I knew dissappeared. I opened my heart for just that one moment, and it became filled to the top with memories of him. The nostalgia kept my temper under control, buy my longing still raged. My longing for love, for him, for his love.

Half of my wanted to reach over and smack him, and the other wanted to reach over and embrace him. Oh, how I wish...

I knew deep down, in the most secret recesses of my soul, he was right. I was stubborn, and I was wrong. I had always loved him, just never let him do the same.

Afraid to lose him again, I blurted, "I love you!"

I could barely believe myself. I just stood there, utterly embarrased, and turned to run.

"Wait," he said.

The End

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