Forgive And Forget Is A Thing Of The Past

I was sitting there thinking, “Why is this time so much worse?” Seeing him before had not sparked as much pain, but this time, it was unbearable. Was there even a reason? Was it that my mind had blocked out all the painful memories and his presence brought them surging back? Well, I couldn’t just sit here. I had to say something.

“So how have you been?”, I hesitantly asked. He answered too fast. “I’ve been better, but you… You look exactly the same as I last saw you.”

That voice was overwhelming. I closed my eyes trying to compose myself enough for it to seem like everything was normal. I tried to forget the heavy past that held love, longing, jealousy, and inevitably, betrayal.

I don’t know how long it was until I forced my mind to focus on what was right infront of me. When I finally opened my eyes, I had been hoping that by some miracle I would find myself alone, but no. He was still there, as real as ever.

The End

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