Combined mended short stories

There once was the Ocean See of Full View. You  could normally see the bottom from surface except that a sea monster covered the whole bottom. But when someone or something touched these waters they became mesmerised by the waters ways-- eventually drowning or pruning to death. But the sea monster did not commit morbid acts he simply shielded any remnants that sank from touching the sea bottom. He was guarding something sacred from being contaminated.


One day, a fish from the Pond of Smarinocracy agreed to be thrown out because his purpose was believed to belong elsewhere. The fish accepted his fate as he immediately coated himself in the dry life absorbing gravel. He began flopping his way by the scent of screaming destiny just north, the Ocean  See Full View.

Three hard days later he finally relieved himself, cannonballing into the unusually clean ocean and realizing he was the only fish in this ocean. He swam to the bottom like he was being chased by piranhas to scope out the place and see how fast he was.  

When he smacked the bottom of the ocean floor, nothing for a second, then a movement of the ground shifting and water, a lot of it, (including himself) replacing the space originally occupied by this beast. But when he got on the other side of this beast he found himself in a maple brown brush with orange skies. As a fine elk archer  holds his territory of canopy branches:  high ground seizing enemy level one poes today mostly. He had them stashed in the cellar of the widest rivers for the moistening process was his passion and culinary expression. As he emerged from his water access point just stashing in his credits for the day, a level 3 poe appeared in his eyes for millisecond and gone but this was enough for his brain to process it. He  lobbed his gun towards a branch where here another sub branch pulling the trigger of his K-225 and blasting a shell right through a level 3 poe


The End

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