The Prank

"Morning Miller!" Melanie teased, leaning over me as I sat on the floor against Rachel's locker, along with Nathan and Dylan. I looked up at her with my beating eyes, that were still in shock from my birthday blowout. Both Nathan and Dylan glared at her in unison. "What's your guys issue?"

"Lucas is sick," Nathan explained indefinitely.

"And if you screw him up any more we will sue you," Dylan explained. I groaned and rolled my eyes at them. Melanie backed down without hesitation and walked away. For the first time all school year she decided not to punch me in the gut. Thank god. 

Rachel came up to us, as we sat like chained hippie's to her locker. She raised one eyebrow, which almost disappeared behind her blond locks. "Uh hi guys," She mumbled. "Can you please move I need to get my gym clothes. Ahh gym, the one class I had with her, along with Nathan and Dylan. We nodded and got up. She looked back at us awkwardly as we stood there behind her. 

"We're walking to class with you," Nathan jeered. At first she didn't seem to pleased with the idea, but she soon gave in and walked to class with us. We didn't really talk, and she disappeared into the girls locker room while we walked to the guys locker room. 

"You like her don't you?" Dylan asked, slipping on his gym T-shirt. I bit my lip and nodded. They both laughed at me, and I felt uneasy as I went to tie my shoes. Once I let go of the strings they both grabbed me by my arms, holding me in the air. 

"What the heck?" I yelled, kicking my legs. They laughed and ran out into the gym with me. They carried me to the girl's locker room door. 

"One," Nathan mumbled. 

"Two," said Dylan. 

"Three!" They yelled together, opening the door and tossing me inside. The closed it quickly, and I lifted my head off the floor. Girls started screaming and running behind the lockers. I shielded my eyes as one girl ran over to me. She picked me up by the collar of my shirt, and it was then I noticed it was Rachel.

I felt my cheeks heat up to a brilliant red. "What do you think your doing Luke?" She growled. I couldn't speak, my mouth wouldn't make out words. I started pointing outside like an idiot. "Dylan and Nathan?"

I nodded, "yeah." She laughed and threw me back outside. I fell to the floor, not willing to get up since it seemed nearly useless. My face was probably as red as a cherry. Dylan and Nathan walked up to me and laughed in my face. I covered my eyes with my hand and tried to ignore them.


"No!" Reese yelled as I attempted to drill into the wood.

"What?" I asked, dumbfound.

"Don't drill it there," She mumbled through clenched teeth. She took the wood from me and started drilling it the 'correct way'. "Aren't guys supposed to be really good at building stuff. I mean you see more guys building stuff than girls, yet you have no clue what your doing and I have to explain it all to you."

"Yeah yeah whatever," I grumbled under my breath.

"There," She said, pushing the wood over to me. "That's how you do it. See right there!" I nodded, not really paying much attention. She puffed out air, making her hair fly up.

"Why did you call me?" I asked her, remembering that Juliet said that she had called. She blushed slightly and she looked away.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay," She stuttered. "I didn't want my partner to die on me, I wasn't going to do the project alone.

I narrowed my eyebrows at her. She laughed slightly and took back the piece of wood and ignored me for the rest of class.  

Once class ended she grabbed a hold of my arm, "Look I'm sorry."


"I was just worried about you." 

"How'd you get my number?" I asked her. 

"Rachel gave it to me." Rachel! Rachel gave her my phone number. How did Rachel get it? Either Dylan or Nathan probably. 

The End

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