When I woke up the next day, i saw Juliet, dad, and mom sitting beside me. I got up and rubbed the back of my head where i felt a bump.

"What the hell had happened to me?" I asked them.

"You had fainted dear. In the middle of your birthday party," mom said.

I wasn't in such a good mood after what had happened. So what i had said back to her, came out as a snap.

"I already know that!"

We were all silent for some time.  And then Juliet started talking.

"After you passed out, Nathan and Dylan helped us carry you to your room upstairs. You didn't wake up at all after that...till now."

The pain in the back of my head started coming back and it made my head feel like it weighed a ton. I fell back onto the bed, resting my head on the pillow.

Why had I fainted? Was it because of all that 'skull damage' Dylan had done to me the day before my birthday? Was it because of the kick in the gut i had gotten from Melanie? Or was i just running a cold? Before i could answer any of those questions, I was asleep.


When I woke up in the evening, i felt way better. The bump in the back of my head had practically disapeared but i stil felt a bit nauseated. I went down the stairs to the living room where I saw Juliet playing PS2. I heard a few sounds coming from the kitchen so i guessed mom was inside. The clock read 7.00 p.m. Dad had probably gone out to do some work. He would come later on that day.

Juliet turned around and saw me on the staircase. Her face lightened up and she yelled.

"Mom! Lukas woke up!"

"Has he?" Mom's voice echoed through the kitchen walls.

I fell on a sofa nearby and closed my eyes. Even though i felt better, i still felt a bit exhausted. I don't where this nauseated feeling was coming from but i hoped it would go away.

"Lukas honey, how are you feeling?"Mom said, sitting down.

"Sick," I said.

I didn't expect my voice to sound so hoarse. But it did.

Juliet dragged a chair to sit on.

"Has anybody called for me?" I asked her.

"Nathan called 3 times and Dylan twice. They were both concerned about you. Also, this girl called Reese she a friend?"

Juliet looked suspicious when she mentioned the Reese part. I guess she always wanted to know about my love-life.

"Just a partner from class."

After a while of talking, mom told me to rest some more but i got up and decided to take a walk. I can't always be sleeping!

I wasn't really worried anymore about my 'sickness'. What was really on my mind was the call i had gotten from Reese.

The End

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