A story that was requested. A sequel (or prequel, I don't know) of my story 'His Silent Soul' told in Lucas Miller's point of view. Introducing all of the characters during Lucas's life in His Silent Soul.

An arm wrapped around my neck and pulled me against a locker. I groaned as I felt the impact of my skull hitting the metal of the locker door. "What the hell?" I yelled up, looking at him through my peripheral. 

"Aw Luke buddy," Dylan cooed. "I was just messing with you." I stared up at him, my eyebrows so narrowed they almost took over my eyes. I felt the urge to punch him there and then, but I would get a detention. Something my father wouldn't be too proud of his son accomplishing. "Hey your birthday's soon isn't it?"

"Dylan," I grumbled. "It's tomorrow!"

He laughed nervously, "I knew that."

"No you didn't," I mumbled softly. I turned around and leaned on the locker that part of my face was now imprinted on. "Back off." Dylan nodded and walked away.

Suddenly Rachel made her way up to me, the only thing I could see from my level was her legs. She leaned down and looked at me with her brilliant eyes. "That's my locker," She laughed.

I sat there, silent and blank, for a moment. "Oh," I stuttered, shaking my head once I relocated reality. I got up and moved out of her way. she nodded at me and I walked away.

Next thing i knew I was slammed into another locker. "Dylan I thought I told you to back off!" I hissed. Next thing I knew I was kicked in the gut. That wasn't Dylan. I gripped my arms around my stomach as I laid in fetal position on the floor. 

"I promised you a beating every day," Melanie laughed. "See ya tomorrow Miller." I waved goodbye to her. I groaned as my stomach moved back into place. 

"Luke are you okay?" Rachel asked, aiding to my fall. I groaned slowly as she picked me up in her arms. She brushed my hair out of my eyes. "She's a real jerk isn't she." Her blond hair was pulled back which showed off her heart shaped face and her blue eyes. I felt my face grow hot, and my cheeks fade red. "Here I'll help you to class." I nodded slowly. 

She walked me in front of the woods classroom, and pecked my bare forehead. I looked at her like a complete fool. 

"That's only because you got hurt," She assured me, acting tough. She walked away and I slowly started to lean over. Nathan was luckily there to catch me mid-fall. 

"Way to score dude," He praised. 

"I didn't score," I muttered. "It was a pitty kiss." 

"Damn man those suck." I nodded. He pulled me into the classroom, in the nick of time. I sat down at one of the stations that I was assigned to. 

"Hey," Reese greeted. She was the only girl in my wood shop block, and she just so happened to sit next to me. This was her first day, and I only knew her name because Nathan had a guide to everything that went on in school. 

"Hey, I'm Lucas," I greeted. Wow, that was gay... I thought to myself slyly. 

"Nice to meet you," She giggled. "Reese." I nodded. I almost blurted 'yeah I know' but then I would appear like some kind of crazy stalker and that would be the worst first first impression ever. "Can you help me with the project, I don't understand it." 

"Sure." I explained it to her, and she listening to me. She nodded every time I explained a certain part to her and finally in the end she nodded her head that she understood it now. She thanked me and I said the normal little 'your welcome'. 

Next thing I knew we were partnered up for the wood shop project, and Reese and I were placed together. Mostly because I was the only person that she knew. 

The day went by slowly and finally we were sent home. My parents had already started setting up for my birthday, and my younger sister, Juliet, was playing my Playstation 2. I flopped down on the couch next to her and stole the controller from her hand. She pouted and stuck her tongue out at me. 

"Give it back," She grumbled. 

I rubbed it in her face, "No."

"I'll tell mom about you crashing the lawnmower into the neighbor's living room."

"You wouldn't," I hissed.

"Oh yes," She beamed. "I would." 

I jumped off the couch and pinned her to the ground. She screamed out to my mom and I jolted off into the kitchen. 

"Juliet what is it?" She snipped, her hands on her hips.

"Lucas attacked me," She pouted. 

"I'm making a sandwich," I sang from the kitchen. She narrowed her eye brows at me. 

"I'm going to my room," She told my mother. 

"Okay hunny," She said sweetly. She walked into the kitchen and laid against the side of the counter. "Are you picking on your sister again?"

"What?" I defended. "I'm her brother its my job!" 

"Be nice to her," My mother pleaded. "You two are always fighting. I don't want you to grow up and be like me and my brother." 

"Mom I've heard this story before. Blah, blah, blah, you two always faught and now he moved to Mexico. Blah, blah, blah." 

"You forgot the part where he stole all the money out of my savings account and used it to buy a fishing boat."

"I'm going to bed." 


"Happy Birthday Lucas!" Everyone cried in unison when I came home from the super market. 

"You guys are so crafty, sending me to the Food Lion so that you can hide and surprise me," I beamed.

"Luke dude, cheer down," Nathan mumbled. "You're sixteen. You can get your drivers license. Your a free man!" My mother cough into her hand and my father grimaced at Nathan. Dylan slapped him in the side of the head.

"Well who wants cake?" My father asked, shuffling everyone into the kitchen. The candle lights shone out to all of us. My mother held me close and laughed hardily. I felt uncomfortable.

"Blow out your candles!" Everyone yelled. They all sang as I bent over and blew out the fire. Everyone cheered and shuffled back into the living room. I followed the crowd blindly.

Nathan and Dylan turned on the stereo and started dancing and lip syncing along to the music. Dylan pulled me in and started swirling me around. My head started to spin, and at the same time it started to ache. My stomach churned in my stomach.

"Uh guys settle down," I mumbled, as I felt the nausea move up to my neck. The temperature rose, and I felt myself sweating. the room started to spin, and so did I. At least I thought I did. My vision started to fog and I started coughing. I sat down on the floor, trying to catch my breath.

"Luke are you okay?" My mom asked, standing over me, looking like a blurry potato. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and everything went dead.  


The End

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