Chapter 3Mature

            “Just fine, thank you.” I leaned down onto my knees, taking in deep breaths and recovering from the excitement

            “Yea, your welcome, now, about your predicament, don’t go out those doors, they’re guarded. Instead, let’s make this easier.” He pulled out a small metal object from a backpack I had failed to notice, round and about the size of my palm. On the top, a red LED blinked.

            “Uh… What is that?”

            “Fun, that’s what it is” He smiled, pulled out a second, and ran to the door. A light, metal-on-metal klink and it was attached to the center of the doorway. Next, he ran to the doors at the top of the stairs and set another.

            “C’mere kid,” He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to the stair landing. “Now, plug your ears.”

            He stuffed some sort of wax into his ears, and pulled out a (from context I knew) detonator switch. I pushed my fingers into my ears, and waited. Extending his arm dramatically, he smiled, and pushed the top of the trigger, setting off two huge blasts; which my fingers did little to silence. 

            “Now we move, before they send more of ‘em.” The man ran back out the doors and rushed into the next level. This looked like it was the ground level, a receptionist desk at the front of it. Two hallways jutted out on either side, windows lining the front of both.

            “This way” He beckoned me to follow him into the left hall. My heart was pounding, threatening to burst out of its cage, and into the open. Just when he came out of my view, he turned back, sprinting wildly.

            “Never mind! Never Mind!” Right behind him was a group of guards, pistols in hand. It didn’t take much more than that for me to listen. Although they were running fast, I was able to stay up with him and maybe even gain a little.  I was proud of my title as the best sprinter in my high school class.

            We didn’t get very far before we both spotted more guards at the other end.

            “Screw the hallway, let’s fly.” He grunted through clenched teeth.

            He shoved both of us out the windows.

 “Wait, wh-?” By the time that I had even gotten those words out, he had already tugged us through the windows, leaving us like a writhing fish at the end of fishing line, dangling in the wind. But suddenly, two arms wrapped around my stomach and the brakes were thrown. I looked back up towards the sky and saw Yori hanging on to me, a parachute above him. Glints of a million glass shards surrounded us as they fell to the ground.

                        “Hang on; it might be a rough landing.” We glided over a well-maintained lawn, hitting the edge of the grass, harder than I had expected. We stumbled along, Yori regaining his composure quickly.

The End

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