How to be friedly with your neighbours even when they creep you out.


 Dear mrs? Creeped out

I have to say i did not expected my first letter of advice to be on such un-believeble subject.

First let me say that on the fact that your new neighbour is seven feet tall and a bit (ok, a lot), diferent, isn`t necessarely a bad thing, have you tought of making a "welcome basket to the neighbourhood" ,and go to his house?

Obviously not alone , take your husband with you , wich takes us to the second part of your request.  On the fact your dog is missing isn`t possible he simply got out when no one was looking?

I know it may be extremely upsetting loosing your beloved pet, but before blaming the newcomer based on a few barkes; post some flyers in your surronding streets, give or take 3 miles,or even better post it on the internet.

 Better yet dear ,state you are willing to provide with a reward, people these days respond better if there is something in it for them. No soul is seemed prepare just to do the rigth thing.

I hope i have been of some help.

And before i leave you let me say just this words of advice, it is always frightenning to move somewere  diferent were you know no one, plus the fact your hight makes you stand up, so put yourself in his shoes, and reconsider. He may just be a very nice man.


                 Mrs. King

The End

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