Creeped Out.

Dear Mrs King.

We have a new neighbour that moved in five weeks ago, and he creeps me out. He creeps everybody out. He's about seven feet tall, and he seems to be put together all wrong. One arm is three inches shorter than the other. One hand is white, the other is dark brown, almost black. He has a double row of stitches all around his neck, like his head was sewed on.

Our dog,  Little Tippy, use to bark at him continuously, which is unusual. She's a sweet little toy poodle, and she loves everybody - except him. I say she used to bark, because I haven't seen her for two days. I'm almost certain our neighbour has something to do with it, but the police said that they have no reason to search his house. You can't charge a man just for looking creepy.

Do you have any advice on finding Little Tippy, or at least how to get rid of our neighbour?


Creeped Out

The End

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