Lets start by introducing myself and statting the purpose of this so "callled " advice column.

My name is Mrs King (first name basis only for those i am friends with-wish currently is not your case; yet).

Councernning the purpose of the column i enjoy meddling in others people`s business and the newspapper where i am writing is more than willing to pay for it( may have to due with the fact that my late husband owened the thing! My eldest is in charge now ,present time 2008),whatever the reason why.

I face myself with a new challenge , and i will make the most of it. I am so excited!

I think i should say a bit about who i am , so the reader`s get more at ease when seeking advice from a stranger. As i have said ,my name is mrs. King my dear husband, God rest is soul left us on the year of 1999. He died in his sleep , at the tender age of 74, too young if you ask me, but he was ready. On his head stone reads the following: Stuart King ( 1925-1999),

                  Father of John, David , Linda and Silvia

                 You are always in my toughts 

                   your loving wife

Anyhow; since is death my life has been adrift and withouth a more noble purpose, and since none of my kids have yet provided with the sound of little patter feet (sighs), i feel myself letting go.

That is when my eldest , John,came to me with this idea. He knows how much i like to provide with me two cents, and he said "why not? It is not like we don`t owne the papper."

And that is how at the age of 62, i find myself in front of this small screen and i key in on the board and introduce myself to you.

I am in my study and i look at the picture next to the computer, a photo of all of us, taken the year prior to Stuart death, in 98, it  was taken in the back garden, he is wearing that horrible blue sweater i hate( tried to bin it a few times , somehow it misteriously made its way back to the second draw in the armoire, sneaky man), and his arms are almost around us all. Good times.

So today i start a new chapter in my life, i provide with advice for those who seek it from an outsider, but hopefully i am no longer that, and my dear now that i have introduced myself it is time to put this column to sleep, the adress at the bottom page is the PO box you can send your request in, hope to hear from you soon.


              Mrs. King.

PO Box


Hope street

M9 6 nx

The End

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