The Second Mirror Games

'Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,' Came a voice out of no where. The eleven of us looked around for the source of the voice but after seeing the speakers attached to the walls, it was quite clear that the one talking wasn't in the same room as us. 'Welcome to the Second Annual Mirror Games!' He spoke formally but rather excitedly and funnily enough with a familiarly sounding voice. 'What the hell is going on?' Shouted Rose at the speakers with rage, 'I need to get home for my pedicure! It's in an hour! ONE HOUR!' The man replied, 'Oh well I do apologize but unfortunately you have missed that appointment.' Rose looked angry and then devastated. It was as if the pink fluffy outfit she wore had gained double it's original weight. She fell on her knees on the floor. She screamed. 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!' Meanwhile, Violet prompted the voice to carry on by saying, 'It's fine. I mean it's not like she needs anything else pink is it?' Rose turned in shock and said bewilderedly, 'How did you know what colour my nails were going to be painted?'

'Shall I carry on?' Came back the voice impatiently. We all agreed. 'Good. Well I'll give you all the rules of these games. On the walls around you, you should find ten coloured reflectable squares.' He wasn't lying either. There was Red, Blue, Black, Pink, All the colours of the watches that we'd seen apart from mine which for some reason had turned a white colour. 'Each of those are portals to the Reflec Zone where the majority of the Games will be spent.' Yes that's right. It was two years ago when the last Mirror Game finished. I was in almost the same situation but in a strange hotel and each participant had their own room as well. 'Each watch that you are wearing matches a square. This means that that zone belongs to you. In that zone will be a place that is nostalgic to you in a way whether good or bad. This is the case for all of you but one. Mike. I believe you wear the Matrix Watch correct?' Everyone turned to look at me and then my watch, as did I. Strangely, again it had changed colour to green. 'The Matrix Watch can change colour and Power. This means that no room belongs to you.'

'No fair!' Piped up Dusk. 'Yeah!' Continued Blondie, 'We have to go through some trial thing and he doesn't?'

The voice came back, 'Oh trust me, he will have gone through more than you all have already as has another one of your group. Sadly though, they haven't revealed themselves yet, just as Mike hasn't revealed his past connections to the Reflec Zone and the Mirror Games. HOWEVER! This is not the time to be wondering about these trivial matters. The aim of the game is to replace the power source of the Reflec Zone and escape.'

'And if we don't?' Shouted Navy. Suddenly, the train started moving. 'You have 10 hours. 10 hours until this train leaves the rails and heads into the Cliffside. And just in case you might need it, I will send you in some help so that your journey rides a lot smoother. Who knows, I might even reveal myself to you if you complete the games! Anyway, that's enough from me. Good Luck Participants!'

The End

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