The Train

This story is a sequel to the book 'Rooms'. Please read the other first as this book contains spoilers for the last book.

I awoke on some sort of soft surface. It seemed I was not alone. As I regained my senses I noticed that the surface that I had awoke upon was in fact a dark blue carpet with small, red diamonds on them. Looking up from this I saw that I was circled by nine other people. But more importantly I realised, 'Are we on a train?' I couldn't really tell if it was moving since my head was pounding so much. Why? And how did I get here? And where is here? So many questions with so little answers. Some guy about my age responded to the question I said aloud earlier with a, 'Yes,' followed by a, 'But you know as much as I do.' As I stared dazedly into each of their faces and inspected their clothing and mannerisms I could tell that these people were complete strangers to each other for the most part. 'What are your names?' I asked.

'Red,' Came the first from the guy who spoke earlier. He was about my size and my age and wore a white T-shirt with a red jacket and blue jeans as if new.

'Blondie,' Came another. She had golden locks that competed with the Summer's Sun and wore a short yet bright dress with a cardigan and bag. She smiled confidently at me.

'Navy,' Came the next. His voice was very deep. He wore a naval uniform blue like the sea.

'Blanco,' Said another with a false Italian accent. A white hat lay upon his dark and bald head. He had a leather jacket on and two over the top studs in each ear.

'Rose,' Came another. The woman from whom it came looked as if she had lots of money to spend. There was just about pink everywhere about her, not that I've looked everywhere yet though...

'Violet,' Muttered a girl with her head down. She had some purple highlights in her hair an purple contacts to match.

'Opal,' Said a girl quietly. All her clothing was white as if it had been dipped in a winter's snow.

'Dusk,' Said a guy far away from the group. His head was covered by a black baseball cap and he nodded seriously.

Finally there was a familiar, 'Roux and Vert,' that came from a girl who wore a denim jacket, half ripped jeans and a reddy-pink top underneath. Behind stood a boy much younger than her and myself who had glasses and long black hair. I was sure I recognised her face...

This was all too familiar. Too much light last year in the hotel. Wait. What if we were in the Reflec Zone? What if we didn't take care of everything last time in the Hotel? There was that door we left after all. Blondie interrupted my thought process, 'Hey mister, what's your name?' She stood pouting with her hands on her hips. 'Oh right, Mike, hey!' I replied enthusiastically. You know, first impressions and all that. Blanco face-palmed in the most over the top way possible. 'No! Your code name! We're all named after colours! You did notice right?' He scowled at my incompetence to which I felt ashamed. So much for first impressions. I opened my mouth to be stopped by Violet. 'Don't bother,' She said, 'We already know your name, might as well call you by that.' I slumped. I always wanted a cool name. 'Why are you all named after colours though?' I asked. 'The watches,' Roux gestured to hers as she said it. This confirmed it; We were going to participate in the Mirror Games.

The End

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