Chapter 10 – Behind the Name

Chapter 10 – Behind the Name

“What do you actually do?” Red Tail asked Lilly. She looked at him for a moment, whilst she thought of what to say, then she stood up.

“I was a fearless hunter, as you already know,” she said whilst standing in a pose that looked like she was hunting something. “Any animal that I thought was worth a lot of money, I killed.” She continued as she made a gesture that looked like she was pretending to stab something.

“Yes, we already know that,” Red Tail said, bored.

“If you’d let me continue?” Lilly said sarcastically, slapping her hands on her legs. “Then, it got too dangerous. Gargellers were getting closer to where I hunted…” she said, mimicking the Gargellers’ voice when she said their name “…and I knew that if I stayed there any longer I would be dead!” she continued as she collapsed to the floor. Moggins and Red Tail jumped at her fall. Lilly lay there for a few seconds and Henry, who was sat on Moggins’ lap, began to worry.

“Is she alive?” Henry said, panicking.

“Suddenly, I ran! I ran away from them and after a while I was about to lose them, but then…” she continued, jumping up and surprising them all, pretending to run for her life.

“But then!?” Moggins said, intrigued as he wanted to know what happened next.

“But then I bumped into you two silly people and they caught up with me again.” She said as she stopped her miming and sat back down on her log in front of the fire, where no more sausages were being cooked.

“Oh. I see. Well, that was… interesting.” Red Tail said, sounding rather disappointed.

“Anyway, why are you two here?” Lilly asked the two of them as Henry jumped back onto her shoulder.

“We’re trying to find his brother,” Red Tail said, pointing at Moggins.

“You lost your brother? You poor thing! Where did you see him last?” she said, eager to try and help find him.

“No, no. You misunderstood me. Haha” Red Tail continued.

“I haven’t lost my brother; he is a servant to an evil man. We’re trying to finally free him and myself on the way, so that we can all be together as one big happy family.” Moggins explained.

“You’re… related?” Lilly said all confused as she looked at Moggins (who, if you remember, is a monster figure) and then looked at Red Tail (who is of course a lizard).

“No, no. Ha, I’m simply helping him out as a friend.” Red Tail said whilst laughing.

“Yes, thank god I’m not related to you Red Tail. I don’t know how I’d cope.” Moggins said as he laughed too but then Red Tail stopped laughing and scowled at Moggins’ rudeness. Lilly let out a small giggle but then stopped when she saw Red Tail’s reaction. After Moggins had finished laughing Red Tail stood up.

“Right. Come on then, off to find the first piece of the potion.” Red Tail said as he started to take down the tent.

“Potion?” Lilly and Henry said at the same time, confused.

“Yes, the potion to make Moggins turn back into a normal person.” Red Tail explained. Lilly was confused, as herself and Moggins looked very similar.

“But, you’re a monster like me?” she said to Moggins.

“I am now, yes. I never used to be though. I was a normal person until my owner put a spell on me.” Moggins explained.

“Oh, that’s awful!” Lilly replied, hugging Moggins. Red Tail looked over his shoulder and let out a snarl as he struggled to take the tent down. Then, the whole tent collapsed on top of him.

“HELP! HELP! THEY’VE GOT ME! THEY’VE CAPTURED ME!” Red Tail squealed as he struggled to get out from under the tent. This made Moggins, Lilly and Henry laugh again as they just sat there and watched him struggle. Then, he finally got out from under the tent and pretended to act as if nothing happened.

“I knew the tent fell on me, I was just putting on a show. Like the one Lilly did earlier. Just, more realistic.” He said.

“Yes Red Tail, of course,” Moggins said as he helped him pack the tent away.

“So, where is this first piece of potion?” Lilly asked as she stood up and also helped pack the tent away.

“Esmeralda’s shack.” Red Tail replied.

“Who?” Moggins asked.

“Esmeralda. She’s my great aunt. The only thing is she doesn’t like visitors.” Red Tail replied.

“Great.” Moggins said sarcastically as Red Tail put his back pack over his shoulders with everything safely back inside.

“The last time I knocked on her door she turned me into a squirrel for a week. And let me tell you; being a squirrel is not fun, even in the woods.” Red Tail said, his face going pale as he started bringing back bad memories. “But anyway, we can just sneak in. She’s as deaf as a Lorgun.” He continued.

“What’s a Lorgun?” Moggins asked and without any hesitation out popped Red Tail’s portal wizard from his back pack. Then, it started to speak.

“Searching... article found! ‘The Lorgun pronounced law-gun, is a creature so small that it doesn’t have enough room on its head for ears. The Lorgun is a…’” it started to explain.

“Portal Wizard… OFF.” Red Tail said and immediately the portal wizard said “Goodbye.” And then it popped back into Red Tail’s backpack. “There we go, won’t be hearing from him any more unless we really do need him.” Red Tail continued.

“Right. But, sneak in!?” Moggins said, finding Red Tail’s idea rather stupid.

“Yes, we’ll be fine. Like I said, she’s as deaf as a Lorgun.” Red Tail replied as he set off walking down the path.

“Sounds like a very fun adventure, this does!” Lilly said as herself and Moggins started to follow Red Tail.

“Oh. You’re coming too, are you?” Red Tail asked as he turned his head to look at Lilly with Henry on her shoulder.

“Yes, if that’s ok with you?” Lilly asked.

“Well… it all depends if,” Red Tail started to say but Moggins interrupted.

“Yes. That’s perfectly fine.” Moggins said.

“Good choice. You never know, I might need to save you again.” Lilly replied as she giggled and got excited.

“We’re going on an adventure!” Lilly and Henry said at the same time.

“Yes we are,” Moggins said as he smiled, “Yes we are.” He said again.

The End

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