Chapter 9 – Burning

Chapter 9 – Burning

In the morning, as another beautifully sunny day began, the first thing Red Tail did when he woke up was sniff the air. Whatever it was that he could smell, it was definitely a burning smell. He opened his eyes and found that Moggins and Lilly were gone.

“She’s kidnapped him!” he whispered to himself and then got up and rushed outside the tent.

He sniffed. The burning smell was stronger now.

“MOGGINS!?” Red Tail shouted in a sudden rush of panic. Several bad thoughts passed through his brain, like ‘What if she’s burning him alive?’ and ‘Are the trees on fire?’

He turned around and saw a line of smoke rising from just behind the tent. Straight away he marched his way round the back of the tent, where he could now hear laughing, and then there they were. Moggins, Lilly and the sausages.

“MY SAUSAGES!” Red Tail began to shout as he marched towards them, pointing his finger.

“What about them?” Lilly replied calmly.

“THEY’RE… THEY’RE MY SAUSAGES!” He continued to shout.

“Red Tail they’re just sausages. It’s not the end of the world.” Moggins said as Red Tail turned and looked at the sausages as they cooked on a tray above a small fire.

“But…” he began to blub as if he was about to cry, “but you burnt them. My beautiful… beautiful sausages. Burnt. Gone. Tasteless. Brilliant. Just… magnificent.” He continued in a low voice, sad and disheartened. Then he sat in front of the fire and watched them blacken even more.

“It’s fine, there’s plenty more.” Lilly said, getting up off of the log she was sat on and walking towards him to comfort him.

“It’s not fine! They’re wasted! Valuable food that we might need for the journey, just wasted in an instant!” Red Tail said as he stood up, denying any comfort from Lilly and then sitting on the log she was previously sat on. He put his head in his hands and sighed.

“They’re not wasted. They’re burnt for a reason.” Lilly said to him, as she sat on a log in-between Red Tail and Moggins.

“If you can give me one good reason to burn my own homemade sausages then I won’t go ahead and cast magic on you!” Red Tail mumbled as he kept his head in his hands.

“Look, see.” Lilly said. Red Tail didn’t move a muscle.

“Seriously, look.” Moggins demanded.

Red Tail lifted his head up from his hands to see Lilly sat with a small Gerblett in her hands, which was currently devouring the burnt sausages. Red Tail sat in shock for a moment and then he stood up and grabbed the Gerblett in his hand.


“RED TAIL! PUT HIM DOWN!” Moggins shouted back at him as the Gerblett closed his eyes and shivered in terror.

“WHY SHOULD I?” Red Tail shouted back.

“BECAUSE HE’S LILLY’S PET!” Moggins shouted and at that moment everything went silent, and everyone stood still, and everyone felt awkward.

Red Tail gulped, placed the Gerblett gently back in Lilly’s hand and sat down again.

“Sorry.” He said.

“So you should be. That hurt!” the Gerblett said, crawling up to sit on Lilly’s shoulder as herself and Moggins also sat down.

“It’s ok Henry, he’s said his apology.” Lilly said to him, feeding him more burnt sausage. “Thank you,” she continued, “for the burnt sausage. It’s his favourite.”

“Don’t mention the sausage.” Red Tail said as he closed his eyes in annoyance, as if it hurt him emotionally.

“Oh Red Tail, you’re so stubborn.” Moggins said to him.

“I’m not stubborn!” he replied.

“You are.” said Henry, Lilly’s Gerblett.

“I’m NOT stubborn!” he said again.

“See, Stubborn!” Lilly said, then they all laughed. Even Red Tail himself managed to stop the frowning and the scowling and let out a little bit of a giggle.

“Would you like any sausage?” Moggins asked Red Tail.

“As long as it doesn’t look or taste like charcoal.” He replied, giggling again. Moggins got up, rooted through Red Tail’s backpack and placed more sausages on the tray above the fire.

“I’ll take it from here. I know just the way to cook these.” Red Tail said as he pointed his hands towards the sausages. He closed his eyes, wiggled his fingers and opened his eyes again. His eyes started to glow a bright orange for a second, then a golden light seemed to flicker from his fingertips towards the sausages. Then, the sausages were cooked. He leant forward, took the sausages off the tray and ate them.

Lilly and Harry’s jaws dropped.

“You’re a…” Lilly said.

“A wizard lizard. Correct.” Red Tail said, finishing her sentence.

“But that’s…” Harry said.

“Impossible?” Red Tail said, raising an eyebrow and smirking.

“SO COOL!” both Harry and Lilly said at the same time as they looked at each other and started getting all hyper and excited.

That, it seems, is how Red Tail started to like the two of them… yet discover one of the main things he disliked about them. The fact they both said certain things at the same time, which to Red Tail wasn’t so cool at all.

The End

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