Chapter 8 – Gargeller Glory

Chapter 8 – Gargeller Glory

A rustle. A howl. Another howl and then another rustle. Yet another howl and then Red Tail prodded Moggins in the back.

“Wake up!” he whispered in a panicked tone as more rustling occurred. “Moggins wake up!” he said, this time shaking Moggins vigorously. Scurrying could now be heard as well as the rustling and the howling.

“What’s up Red Tail? I can’t see a thing.” Moggins said as he lay beside him, tired and drained of energy.

“Listen Moggins! Listen!” Red Tail said with a sense of urgency. Moggins sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“Red Tail, I can’t see a thing and it’s very dark, what time is it?” Moggins murmured, still waking up.

“You don’t have to see anything, just listen! Something is out there!” said Red Tail as he began to panic even more as the sounds got closer and closer.

“It’s just the wind.” Moggins said as he fell back to the floor of the tent and curled up to try and sleep. Then the worst possible thing that could have happened, happened. Two words were shouted so loudly in a voice that could only have been evil. ‘Gargeller Glory’.

Hearing these words Red Tail started to scream and Moggins immediately woke up, sat upright and put his hand over Red Tail’s mouth as fast as he could.

“Shhhhhh!” Moggins said, getting worried that the Gargeller’s may have heard him. Red Tail nodded, shaking a little with fear, and Moggins removed his hand from Red Tail’s mouth.

“I’m too old for this,” Red Tail whispered, panicking and worrying.

“Red Tail, be quiet! They said Gargeller Glory and they didn’t attack us, so they must have found something else to eat. Then you shrieked like a fool and now we’re probably surrounded by them!” Moggins whispered… perhaps a little angry.

“Sorry, I got scared!” Red Tail said, “What do we do!?” he continued to panic.

“The only thing we can do, I guess” Moggins said, closing his eyes as if preparing himself mentally.

“What’s that? Or is it best not to know?” Red Tail asked.

“It’s best not to know.” Moggins said and within no time at all he had opened the zip of the tent and jumped outside.

Then the worst thing that could have happened, happened. Nothing. Absolute silence. No rustling, no scurrying, no howling and no talking. Nothing but the sound of Red Tail’s heart pounding in his chest.

“Moggins?” Red Tail whispered. With no reply, he slowly edged his way to the unzipped entrance of the tent. He moved his head to a gap in the doorway so that he could see outside. At first he kept his eyes shut but eventually he slowly opened them, worrying at what he might see.

When his eyes were fully open, and he had given them enough time to adjust to the darkness, he saw a yellow furry monster holding something in its grasp.

When Red Tail looked closer, the yellow monster had grabbed hold of Moggins and had its hand over his mouth. Moggins widened his eyes and tried to raise his hand to tell Red Tail to stay quiet, but the yellow monster grabbed his hand and forced him to stay still.

“MOGGINS! ARE YOU OK!?” Red Tail shouted as he leapt out of the tent and made a run for it to save him.

‘GARGELLER GLORY! GARGELLOR GLORY!’ was shouted several times from a distance, and then the yellow monster let Moggins loose. The scurrying and the howling and the rustling started again, but even faster and closer than ever before.

“THE TREES! GET IN THE TREES!” the yellow monster shouted as it grabbed hold of the bark on the nearest tree and began to climb its trunk. Without thinking Moggins and Red Tail were doing the same thing with their own separate trees as the noises got closer and closer.

After climbing halfway up the tree, the yellow monster stopped climbing and so Moggins and Red Tail stopped too. Whoever this monster was they were female, looked a little like Moggins, and they seemed to have decided to trust her. She wore army green shorts which were jagged at the bottom, but unlike Moggins she had a tail. A bright yellow tail.

The sounds stopped.

“Where!?” said what must have been a Gargeller at the bottom of the trees.

“But I heard something!” said another.

“You fool! You let them go!” said another.

“Leave it! We’ll find some more!” said the first and then the sound of them scurrying away and howling in the distance could be heard.

“Well that was fun, wasn’t it?” said the yellow monster as it clambered down the tree with speed.

“You’re a good climber,” Moggins shouted down as himself and Red Tail began to climb down also.

“Who are you?” Red Tail shouted down, calming down a little.

“Lilly,” she said when they both finally made it to the bottom, “Lilly Rose, at your service.” She continued as she held her hand out.

“Thanks for saving us,” Moggins said as he shook her hand.

“No problem. Although, it would have been a lot easier if your friend here hadn’t of thought I was kidnapping you.” She laughed.

“Are you mad? Keep it down, they might hear us!” Red Tail said, still a little worried about the Gargellers.

“Oh don’t worry, they’re long gone.” Lilly replied, leaping into the tent.

“How do you know? And what are you doing?” Red Tail asked, not taking kindly to what had just happened.

“I can sense it. I used to be a wood hunter, killing animals to sell for money.” She replied.

“Great, and what are you doing now?” Red Tail asked, again.

“Taking some time off, it was too dangerous. Decided to go for a walk and found you two in need of a little help.” She replied as Moggins and Red Tail entered the tent.

“No, I meant what are you doing in here?” Red Tail snapped.

“I saved your butt. The least you could do is provide a bed.” she replied with a yawn. Then she curled up and slept. That was that.

The End

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