Chapter 7 – Taking an Interest

Chapter 7 – Taking an Interest

As Moggins and Red Tail entered the woods, its large trees towering over them with the odd sparkle of light glistening through the leaves whilst everything else left dark shadows upon them and the path lay ahead, Red Tail decided that the two of them needed to know more about each other.

“What’s your necklace for, Moggins?” he asked, trying to take it off of him to have a look but failing to lift it even a centimetre.

“It won’t come off, I’ve tried,” he replied, pushing Red Tail’s hand away from him.

“Yes, but, what is it for?” he asked again, waiting for an answer.

“It isn’t for anything, just Madam Haggits way of saying ‘Your mine’ really,” he replied.

“But there has to be something else to it Moggins, otherwise it wouldn’t have such a spell on it that makes you not able to take it off,” Red Tail said, trying to get to the bottom of an apparently pointless necklace.

“Believe me, it does nothing more than rest on my chest.” Moggins said, trying to make it the end of the conversation.

“Ah, but you are forgetting something Moggins! Remember the box you had in your room that opened and had your father’s letter in? You thought it was just a box, didn’t you? Well I think that this thing around your neck is not just any ordinary necklace, I think there’s a reason to it. I don’t know what, I don’t know why, but believe me I will find out.” Red Tail said, putting his hand to his forehead as he thought.

“Well, back at the warehouse when you were tied up you said it had something to do with the colour changing magic you were making?” Moggins said as he suddenly managed to realise that maybe there was a reason to it after all.

“Aha! So I did! You know, I was being rather clever in that warehouse back then. Do you know why?” he asked, but without waiting for a reply he continued, “Because at the time I didn’t actually know if it had anything to do with colour changing magic, but as soon as I said it and the truth rope untangled itself from me, I knew that I was right! I used the truth rope to my advantage, and basically turned it against Madam Haggit, if you like.” Red Tail continued, and with finishing his explanation he had yet another one of his rather smug looks.

“Well, you sneaky lizard you. So Madam Haggit told me that the word on my necklace, Porgy, was the name of a shop. Was she telling the truth or was she lying?” Moggins asked.

“No, she is telling the truth. There is indeed a shop called Porgy. I remember going to it many times when I was a little… oh! Oh! I see! I get it! I understand now! Oh that’s clever! Very clever! Simple, but clever!” Red Tail said getting all excited and jumping around, waving his hands and applauding himself.

“Stop prancing around and tell me what you’re thinking already.” Moggins said as one of Red Tail’s hands whacked him on his left arm.

“Ok. When I was a little apprentice I used to go in a shop. The shop was called Porgy, the very same shop that Madam Haggit bought your necklace at. From the outside the shop looks very appealing and the sign is all multi-coloured. Each letter in the word Porgy is a different colour. The P is purple, the O is orange, the R is red, the G is green and the Y is yellow. It had a full stop on the end which was blue but that isn’t important because it’s not a part of the neck-oh! Yes it is! You’re blue! YOU are blue! YOU’RE BLUE!” Red Tail explained, again getting more and more excited as he figures the mystery of the necklace out in his own, currently manic, mind.

“I don’t follow where you’re going with this?” Moggins said, as he slowly stopped walking so he could fully concentrate on what Red Tail was about to say.

“You’re the full stop on the sign, the blue. The necklace has all the other colours on it, but should have the blue full stop on the end but doesn’t. This leads me to believe that if you turn into a colour, and that colour is on your necklace, then that coloured letter disappears off of the necklace! That leads me to believe that if every single colour is removed from the necklace by you turning into that colour, then the necklace will come off of you and you will no longer be Madam Haggits servant! YES!” Red Tail said, finally revealing what he had figured out.

“Well, you clever lizard you!” Moggins said again, trying not to make Red Tail’s ego get too big and annoying, “so, come on then, give me a drink of the colour changing magic.” He continued.

“Ah, but I only have the magic part. It requires special ingredients and methods to make you turn a specific colour. At the moment if you drank it, it would do nothing. However if we added one of the ingredients needed to allow it to change colour, then you would change colour.” Red Tail explained.

“Well, let’s go get the ingredients then,” Moggins said impatiently.

“It isn’t that easy Moggins, these ingredients are very rare and hard to find. Luckily I know where one of them is and we are heading in exactly the right direction.” Red Tail replied, setting off walking again as Moggins decided to follow. As they walked the sunset was getting ever so much closer, so they decided that they needed to camp out in the middle of the woods. They found a nice spot and propped up the small tent Red Tail had packed, which could only just fit both of them in as well as their luggage. When they were settled, and after a little bit of chit chat, they slept.

The End

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