Chapter 6 – The Gate Guard

Chapter 6 – The Gate Guard

After a good nights worth of sleep Red Tail awoke, staring at an angry Moggins.

“And just how long do you think it’s taken me to wake you up, you lazy so and so? Hmm?” Moggins said, the anger showing in his voice.

“How the blazes would I know?” Red Tail answered wearily.

“Well you should! I’ve been rocking you about like mad in that bed of yours!” Moggins said, again the anger showing.

“Technically Moggins, it’s not my bed… it’s the innkeepers.” Red Tail said sarcastically with a smirk on his face, which soon wiped off when Moggins was about to whack him round the head.

“You called?” came the inn keeper’s voice from the door, which had just been opened.

“Yes,” Red Tail confirmed, turning round to whisper to Moggins, “You’re in for it now pal,” in which Moggins frowned as Red Tail turned back to stare at the inn keeper, “This little chap here has been threatening to whack me and has also been rocking my… your bed.” He said, finally finishing his sentence.

“Well, we can’t have that now can we?” the inn keeper said, rushing over to the bed and shaking it roughly, making Red Tail launch across to the other side of the room near the fire which had burnt out in the night.

Moggins, chuckling, watched the inn keeper exit the room and then started blurting out into laughter rather loudly whilst pointing at Red Tail, Red Tail not amused.

“Well, you said we were going, I’m up. So let’s go already!” Red Tail said, gathering his things, opening the door, exiting and then slamming it behind him whilst Moggins was still chuckling.

Later, when they were both out of the inn (and after Moggins had given the inn keeper a tip for his little party trick), Red Tail took out the map that the portal wizard had made him and started scanning it for clues on where to go to search for Lumpy.

“Hmm, I think we’ll head over to the DippleDale woods,” said Red Tail.

Moggins began to speak rather worryingly, “Erm… Red Tail, are you sure about that? You know what the Gargeller’s did to Alfred Winniboop! They screeched in his ears and…”but just before Moggins could finish his sentence Red Tail had to interrupt.

“Gar what?” he said. Right at that point the portal wizard, which had been annoying Red Tail for the past day or so but had been fascinating Moggins, popped out of Red Tail’s back pack and began to speak.

“Searching... article found! ‘The Gargeller, pronounced Gar-ger-ler, is a unique species of predator which has only been found in the DippleDale woods. Gargellers have been around for over two hundred years and are the newest predator to the creature catalogue of which holds a list of every single creature within the world of Glammoth. When a Gargeller has found prey to feed the whole of its family it calls to them by shouting ‘Gargeller Glory’, and with this the families begin to feast.’ End of article.” And with the end of its article finished the portal wizard popped back into Red Tail’s back pack.

“On to DippleDale woods then,” Red Tail said, not even worried about the Gargellers.

“WHAT! You heard what the portal wizard said!” Moggins said, rather angry at Red Tail.

“So I did. I’m not scared of a little Gargeller.” He said, again sarcastic but this time smug.

“Oh for goodness sake, what am I doing with this lunatic!?” Moggins thought to himself, whispering out loud.

“Searching for your brother, that’s what.” Said the portal wizard as it quickly popped out of Red Tail’s bag, spoke, and then hid again.

As Moggins and Red Tail started walking towards the outskirts of Bungsdale they saw a large gate with a funny looking creature standing in front of it. As they approached the gate the creature began to speak.

“Well hello there you two, I’m Frederick and I’ll be doing your guided tour for today. Now, if you just give me fifteen diamonds I’ll be glad to show you around.” The funny creature said.

“Erm, I’m ever so sorry but we don’t want a tour we want to go through that gate you’re standing right in front of. We need to find my long lost brother, you see!” Moggins said, pitifully.

“Ah, well in that case you’ll need to give me fifty diamonds!” the creature said, all smug with a big broad smirk on his face.

“FIFTY! Oh, Red Tail, you pay the man.” Moggins said.

“Me? Well I suppose I ought to since you paid the inn keeper, and you can hardly call him a man Moggins,” Red Tail said, trying not to allow the creature to hear him.

“Well, what is he then?” asked Moggins, staring the creature up and down.

“Well, you see, that so called ‘man’ is a gate guard. Usually they are very grumpy and don’t let you through gates without a hefty sum of money!” Red Tail explained.

“You said it,” said the large Gate Guard in front of them, “We have good hearing too,” he continued, “and we all look the same; great big green creatures with large hairy ears, big feet, long arms that reach the floor,” The guard continued again.

“And a very big nose,” said Red Tail, tapping the nose of the gate guard.

“OI, we get very angry too you know!” the gate guard shouted. Red Tail handed over the fifty diamonds and the guard moved out of the way and let the two of them pass through the gate.

“Be careful out there. Many creatures await you in the world of Glammoth, just be sure to know what you’re dealing with,” the guard said, whispering to Moggins whilst looking around as if to make sure no one was listening in. Moggins bowed his head in thankfulness and carried on towards the DippleDale woods.

“Are you sure this is the right way?” Moggins asked, hoping the answer would be no.

“Yep,” Red Tail said cheerfully as they walked along a cobble stoned path laid out in the grassy field they were within. The gate guard shut the door behind them, making a huge ‘clanging’ noise. Moggins jumped as the sound scared his wittiness but carried on down the shiny golden path, which lead to DippleDale woods.

The End

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