Chapter 5 - Something Stirring

Chapter 5 - Something Stirring

After Moggins had stopped talking about the portal wizard he and Red Tail began to head towards a wood.

“Red Tail, shall we go and have a nice sleep in that inn over there?” Moggins asked, rather sleepily.

“Sure,” said Red Tail approaching the door of 'The Mermaid Inn'. They walked in and a tall man (about 6 foot) with short brown hair and big nostrils, who was wearing what looked like a cowboy outfit (and was also the manager of the inn) started to speak.

“What can I be doing for you me laddies?” the manager of the inn asked, impersonating a cowboy’s voice.

“Huh... young 'laddies'” Red Tail said, “I'll have you know I'm fifty three!”

“Yes, and we're looking for some accommodation for the night,” Moggins said.

“Accommodation eh... for you and your pet lizard?” the manager said.

“Humph... listen my good old friend... I am not young, I am not a pet... and I am certainly not afraid of somebody like you.” Red Tail said, getting rather angry.

“Oh really?” the manager said stomping his large fists onto the bar side, “well then it's a good job I'm behind the bar isn't it!” the manager continued sarcastically.

“Ha... only messing with you! Anyway, how about that room?” Red Tail asked, putting on a fake smile.

“Room four... here's the keys. Breakfast at seven?” the manager asked, handing over the keys to room four.

“No thank you, we've got to get up earlier than that tomorrow I'm afraid, thanks for the offer though.” Moggins said, walking away with Red Tail scurrying quickly behind him.

“No problem.” the manager said with a big broad smile on his face. When Moggins and Red Tail got to the top of the stairs they walked along the corridor to the door of room four. Moggins inserted the key and pushed the door open. The room had two single beds, a large bayed window looking out to the woods (in which they would travel to in the morning), a fire (already lit), two bedside cabinets (with three empty sweet wrappers on one of them) and a nice red rug which covered nearly the whole of the wooden floor.

“Ah, so homely, and the fire’s already lit for us,” said Red Tail whilst jumping onto his bed, which made a rather awkward squeaking sound.

“Don't unpack your backpack Moggins...that's what an adventure is all about,” continued Red Tail, sitting up and making the bed make another awful squeaking noise.

“You ought to get the inn keeper to sort that out,” Moggins said, getting annoyed at the sound.

“Oh... it'll be alright,” Red Tail said, lying back down and making the bed squeak. The door opened and the manager was stood broadly before it.

“Well, the lights are going out boys. If you want the light on then all you need to do is come and press this switch on the wall here,” he said, turning the light off, shutting the door and walking away before they could reply. The room was quiet. Suddenly there was a rattling sound, Red Tail made a loud noise that sounded like ‘oof’ and he got up and switched the light on.

“WHAT WAS THAT!” he said, scared out of his wits.

“What?” Moggins said wearily, getting up out of his bed.

“SOMETHING TOUCHED MY BOTTOM!” Red Tail said, rather annoyed and freaked out.

“I'll look under the bed.” Moggins said, and before he got chance to bend down and take a look a small furry creature ran straight from under the bed. It had a pig snout nose, pointy ears and wings on its back. The thing tried to fly up into the air but in each attempt it failed. Moggins grabbed the creature and held it still on the bed.

“Oh my god!” said Red Tail, “What is it?” he continued.

“That, Red Tail, is a Gerblett.” Moggins said.

“A what?” Red Tail asked, rather confused as he always was. Red Tail’s small portal wizard popped up out of his back pack and began to speak.

“Searching... article found! ‘The Gerblett, or Gerblett's, are a group of small furry creatures of which feast on all kinds of food to keep themselves alive. Gerblett is pronounced Jer-Bl-t. Gerbletts are known to have distinctive features. For instance, the wings on its back are small and result in the inability to fly. Some Gerblett's have been known to have evolved so that their wings are bigger and they have the ability to fly.’ End of article!” and after he said this he popped back into the little ball in Red Tail's backpack.

“Amazing! It even... never mind... we have a bit of a problem.” Moggins said, interrupting himself.

“WAIT... please do not harm me, I have children! Please, I beg of you! I came here in peace! I came here for the sweets on the bedside tables. I come here every day to feed my young ones. Please don't harm me!” the small Gerblett cried.

“Right, I'll give you a deal Mr Gerbil thingy. If you get out of this room immediately then I will not harm you, but if you come again I will harm you. Or, you can simply help us and you can come as many times you like.” Red Tail said.

“Something tells me that you have a cunning plan.” the Gerblett said.

“No, not at all, we're going on an adventure and we need to find our friend Lumpy. Well, his brother actually but that doesn't matter, we just want to know how to find him.” Red Tail said. Moggins eased off the Gerblett but was still holding him down a little. Then, the Gerblett scurried out of Moggins' hands, but whilst running to the opened window he said, “Why don't you ask your Portal Wizard, dumbo... heh heh!” and he jumped out the window, scurried away across the roof of the inn and ran into another building.

“Ha. He told you Red Tail!” Moggins said, Red Tail rather displeased.

The End

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