Chapter 4 - Portal Wizard

Chapter 4 - Portal Wizard

Early the next morning when Moggins finally awoke, Red Tail was sitting by Moggins’ fireplace.

“Ah, Moggins my friend, you have finally awoke.” Red Tail said, almost trying to make Moggins sound lazy.

“Yes, I slept a bit rough last night!” Moggins said, still awakening.

“Ha... and I slept on the floor! Oh... the letter. Look Moggins, I know you’re annoyed and upset but you don't have to be grumpy all the time. After all, the sooner we find Lumpy the faster you'll be able to talk things over with your friend... father.” Red Tail said, feeling sympathy for the small furry faced monster sitting before him.

“You know what Red Tail, you're right! Let's get going. Come on... calling me lazy, Mr Spotty Knickers.” Moggins said, getting up and walking out the door with his backpack.

“Hold on a minute,” Red Tail shouted, rather annoyed at the remark. Picking up his backpack too, he began to chase after Moggins, “I DO NOT WEAR SPOTTY KNICKERS... THEY’RE STRIPEY! AND HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY KNICKERS LOOK LIKE ANYWAY?” Red Tail continued.

“Ha... I don't! Thanks for telling me though. If you say something bad about me then I can use that to get back at you.” Moggins laughed.

“Ooh... I could... Ooh... you push it sometimes!” Red Tail said, storming out the front door with Moggins in front of him.

“So, where do we head?” Moggins asked Red Tail.

“Humph... as if I'm going to tell you! Oh all right... I suppose you’re helping me in a way. We'll need a map, so the best person to ask would be a map... map... map,” Red Tail said, forgetting what he was going to say.

“Maker?” Moggins said.

“Ah, that's it Moggins! Map Maker!” Red Tail continued.

“And where do you expect to find a map maker in Bungsdale, Red Tail?” asked Moggins, knowing there were no map makers in the area.

“Well Moggins, who said you had to have a real life map maker?” Red Tail said.

“I don't understand,” Moggins said, rather confused.

“It's simple Moggins. You just ask for a portal wizard.” said Red Tail, rather smug.

“A portal wizard? What on earth is one of them?” said Moggins, still rather confused. He had never heard of a portal wizard before.

“Good Lord, you don't know what a portal wizard is? Right. A portal wizard is an electronic wizard that just appears whenever you need him. But to be able to use a portal wizard you need a portal key and I, fortunately, happen to have a portal key!” Red Tail explained, reaching into his backpack and pulling out a small purple ball with a button on it. Red Tail pressed the button and the ball leaped out of his hands and started to float in mid-air. Then, a wizard popped out of the ball and landed on the floor. He wore a dark red cloak, had a long beard, no hat, had a bald head and wore blue trousers and green shoes which were pointed at the end.

“Ha, amazing!” Moggins said, quiet startled. “Just like the genie in the lamp!” he continued.

“Genie in the lamp?” Red Tail said, puzzled.

“Searching... article found! 'According to research at Narlsbourgh, mortals used to carry lamps in which embedded genies within them. These genies gave the owner of the lamp three wishes, and then the lamp would be passed on with good fortune. This was also proven by Narlsbourgh to be a myth and thus the idea of the portal wizard was created.' End of article.” were the words that the portal wizard spoke, answering to Red Tail’s puzzled question!

“Thank you,” Red Tail answered.

“No problem sir. Anything else I can help you with?” the wizard asked, eager to help.

“Yes. I would like you to create me a map of the whole of our world.” Red Tail said, noting precisely what he would like to be done.

“And which world is ‘our’ world, sir?” the wizard asked.

“Glammoth,” was the name Red Tail gave to the wizard.

“Amazing how it replies to you in conversation.” Moggins said, staring at the wizard while he created the map of Glammoth as fast as you could say plop.

“Here you go sir. Anything else I could assist you with?” the wizard asked.

“No thank you. You may return.” Red Tail said, bowing his head to the wizard. With this, the wizard popped back into his small purple portal key and then the ball stopped floating and returned to Red Tail’s hand. Red Tail inserted the ball back into his back pack.

“I never knew that you could even create such mechanisms! Maybe the genie in the lamp story wasn't a myth after all. Ha! Amazing... quite amazing!” Moggins said, astonished at the fact.

The End

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