Chapter 2 - Colour Changing Magic

Chapter 2 - Colour Changing Magic

During his day at work Moggins was forever thinking of why the necklace was on his neck. Eventually his day was over, his fur was back to its usual blue colour and his voice was back to normal. He made his way back to Bungsdale, upon where he met a strange man wearing a fully dressed navy blue cloak.

“Are you err… in need of help?” Moggins asked the man, forgetting he was a monster figure.

“Oh…well, I’m looking for a Mr…WHAT ON THE EARTH ARE YOU?” the man squealed whilst turning around and seeing what was, to him, a horrible looking figure. Immediately the man screamed and tried to run away, whilst falling over in the process.

Moggins knew immediately that the man would not believe him if he told him the truth, so as fast as he could he ran back to the factory and caught back his breathe. Moggins didn’t like working in the forbidden factory as it reminded himself of his old house… his old owner!

Moggins has never liked quiet places either, so again he began to sing to himself. A noise then came from up the stairs in the room in which he had never entered. The one room he had dread going in since he first started working at the factory.

Moggins began to tip toe away from the stairs, but then he thought to himself. He thought back to his old owner and what he said when he sold him to Madam Haggit.

“Take him, he’s a useless wimp!” were the words he could remember coming out of the old man's mouth. ‘I’ll show him!’ Moggins thought to himself and marched up the spiral stairs. As he reached the top of the stairs the door of the room came slightly ajar. A green glow shined through the gap. Moggins, rather doubting his braveness, pushed the door wide open and quickly put his hands in front of his face in a defensive manner.

“Hello there Mr. Moggins, I’ve been waiting for you! Take a seat.” Were the words that came from a lizard’s mouth. He was green, had a moustache (which was grey) and had red spots on his tail. His chest was slightly paler and he stood on his two back legs.

“Come on, come on in.” he cried impatiently with a cheery look on his face, which was rather wrinkly. Moggins slowly approached the lizard and couldn’t help but look at the cauldron (which would have been the result of the green light). The cauldron puffed out a big pink cloud of smoke and then began to bubble.

“Do you know what this is, Mr. Moggins?” the lizard asked.

“No sir,” Moggins replied.

“Do you know what my name is, Mr. Moggins?” the lizard asked.

“No sir,” again replied Moggins.

“Mr Tail. Mr Red Tail.” He replied.

“Hello Mr… erm… Red Tail sir, but, may I ask... what IS in the cauldron?” Moggins asked.

“Ah, you see Mr. Moggins… this is beyond magic! This is colour magic!” Red Tail said.

“Colour Magic?” said Moggins with a confused look on his face.

“Yes, Mr Moggins, that’s what I said! Colour Magic. If the potion works correctly and I have put the right amount if Silumpic acid into it then it should, when drank, change the colour of your skin… or in your case, fur!” Red Tail explained.

“Silumpic acid? Don’t you mean Seelumpic acid?” Moggins asked with a smug look, trying to make himself sound smarter than he already was.

“No, Mr Moggins,” at this point Moggins’ smug look wiped off his face, “Seelumpic acid would burn your throat, my friend.” Red Tail continued. Of course these are only acids that a wizard should know about, but as Moggins used to have a wizard as his owner how could he not know?

The End

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